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Masao Nakasone (中曽根雅夫 Nakasone Masao) was a Japanese actor and voice actor. He was one of the three voice actors that voiced the titular character of the Ultraman. Due to this, his grunt for Ultraman, "Shuwatch!" (シュワッチ! Shuwacchi!), had always being frequently used in most of the Ultra's appearances in the series.


Around September 2, 1993, 3:00 pm, he was found dead at his own house. It was Nobuo Tanaka, a fellow voice actor that called the police after he found Masao's dead body at his house. The cause of his death was theorized due to being under depression, as he had divorced with his wife and separated from his family.

Nobuo Tanaka talked about the situation at the time of his death, "September 2, 1993, 3 o'clock" (Nobuo got a note from the police that found Masao's dead, took notes and memorized it, this day is [Deathday] ,unconfirmed). "Fainting cold, weak death or disease death" is stated. The police inquired to Nobuo said that the name of Nobuo was written in the handbook of the article and the reason was that the house was also a neighborhood. However, Nobuo said that he did not even know that Masao lived in the neighborhood.

Nobuo Tanaka recalls about Masao Nakasone, "Although he was a coward, he was a kind man that was too tender." He said that he wanted to return to Nobuo as an actor just before his death..


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  • According to Hajime Tsuburaya, Masao Nakasone was meant to be the voice actor for Ultraman (both of speaking voice and grunts) but due to his absence at that time for unknown reasons, he was unable to do so. Therefore, Hisashi Kondo took the role as Ultraman's speaking voice. However, Ultraman's grunts are still made by Masao.
    • However, Masao did the role as Ultraman's real speaking voice and grunts was the fight with Alien Mefilas in the 33th episode.
  • According to Toshihiro Iijima, one of the directors of Ultraman, after they had Ultraman's design, they chose Masao Nakasone to do some grunts for him. After completing the voice, they mixed a bunch of those together and got "Shuwatch". However, in reality, Ultraman actually shouted "Shwa" in many first episodes instead but later they added "ch" sound at the end to make a clear "Shuwatch".

    Nakasone as portrayed by Kanichi Kurita in an Ultraman docudrama

  • Masao Nakasone shares a few similarities with Saburo Shinoda, the first voice actor of Ultraman Taro:
    • Both only reprise two different roles on the Ultraman Series, one of them is their noticeable role (Ultraman's and Ultraman Taro's voice actor).
    • Both are actors and voice actors.
    • Both their grunts for their Ultra (Ultraman & Taro) are still kept and reused in the later appearances
    • However, unlike Masao, Saburo is still alive and did not retire yet.

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