Kamiyama (神山 Kamiyama) is the secretary of the International Defense Forces and therefore in charge of UPG, making his debut in Ultraman Ginga S episode 13.


Ultraman Ginga S

Before joining UPG, Arisa was accepted into the organization by Kamiyama himself.

After the numerous attacks on Earth by Alien Chibu Exceller, Kamiyama decided to reveal the Victorium Cannon which was under development at the UPG Base. Due to the disapproval of the team he dismissed most of the UPG members, leaving only Arisa and himself to be backed up by soldiers. He also had Hikaru arrested for suspicion of treason due to his knowledge of the Victorians. In episode 14, he exploit has ruthless personality again first by saying good things to Shou and then shot him in the lungs making Shou faint. He later ordered his army to tie him up on a chair. He later stole Shou's Sheradon spark doll and store it in the container to power up the Victorian Cannon. Despite Shou's struggle to ask him to stop, he turn on deaf ears as he continues to use the power. After Hyper Zetton appears, he orders Arisa to shoot but she protested. As Kamiyama about to fire her in a point blank of range, she was saved by fellow UPG members. Kamiyama finally took the use of Victorium Cannon but before he would attack Hyper Zetton, Shepardon's energy overloaded the cannon. To make things worse, Alien Chibu Exceller and his Chiburoids hijacked the base and teleported Kamiyama and his co-worker to the middle of nowhere, claiming the whole base as his, while Dark Lugiel fused with the base and formed Victor Lugiel.

He later was rescued by Captain Yoshiaki Jinmo as he witnessed the fight between Victor Lugiel and Ultraman Ginga & Victory. He was shocked to see the Victorium Cannon being use by Victor Lugiel as a destruction weapon to Earth. He regretted his actions as the weapon was not a hope for humanity as Yoshiaki stated the weapon is too powerful and it will cause destruction to Earth.He was sad as he walk away,reflecting his actions. In the end, he was injured at his hand as Arisa greeted him as a captain as he happily replied back to her.


Although he has a strong desire to protect the Earth, mainly by humanity itself, Kamiyama is ruthless and somewhat paranoid in the way he tries to do this. This is evident by his creation and use of a Weapon-of-Mass destruction without so much as a thought to the consquences.

He also see the Ultramen as an unknown alien presence, acting as vigilantes and a possible threat.


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