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Masaki Kazamori (カザモリ・マサキ Kazamori Masaki) is a strong willed and moral young man who does the right thing, even if he himself questions the rules or going against his superiors. Originally the subject of Ultraseven's disguise, Masaki eventually becomes his human host in a conflict that determine mankind's future.


Ultraseven 98

A new member of the Ultra Guard, Kazamori was a young man who is said to be Satomi's junior. Ever since the Alien Viyell incident (which was also his first mission), Kazamori had been in a run-in with Dan several times and usually finds the elder to be unbearable. Due to this practice the two often interacted more so than any other Ultra Guard member did, including former member Staff Member Furuhashi who was looking for his old friend. After being impersonated once during the Alien Guts incident, Masaki discover his identity as Seven's human form. Lost Memory Eternal Earth Betrayal Sun

Ultraseven 99

"You saved us again. [...] Have I at least done something good for Earth? [...] That's glad to hear."

―Kazamori's final moments in Legends and Glory.

After Alien Valkyrie's attack on the TDF moon base and the seeming death of Furuhashi, Kazamori and his team flew to the desert where the alien had landed. Dan was also there watching from the scenes, when the alien began to play tricks on the human making them distrust each other, Dan moved quickly to disable each of them, knocking them out to save Kazamori, who the alien had possessed. At Kazamori's own pleading, Dan shot him with a blaster, forcing the alien to appear as it could not possess an Ultra. Following Valkyrie's death, Seven was forced to place Kazamori into a Capsule Kaiju for a year-long recuperation while masquerading as the young man to cover his track. Seven constantly alternating between his human disguises, using Kazamori in amongst the Ultra Guard while reverting to Dan Moroboshi when needed. Legends and Glory

Kazamori being reunited with his teammates.

A year after the Alien Valkyrie incident, Seven's charade as Kazamori was exposed after a Nonmalt lured him to be captured by Kaji's men. He was rescued by the Ultra Guard members and after killing Zabangi, Seven decided to return a fully-healed Kazamori to his teammates before he departed to face his comeuppance. I Am an Earthling

Ultraseven EVOLUTION

Kazamori receiving a copy of Akashic Record, which was a miniature replica of an Evolutionary tree formed from Satomi's writings.

Five years after the Omega Files incident, Kazamori had retired from the Ultra Guard and became a wanderer. Dark Side At the time of Alien Garut's invasion, Kazamori discovered a part of Seven remained in his body, which granted him numerous inhuman capabilities. Kazamori assisted his former teammates numerous times, but he turned increasingly distant from them as he prefer to act from behind the scenes. Perfect World After merging with Ultraseven, Kazamori speaks in both his and Seven's consciousness while trying to defend the Plant Life form ever since their race were regarded as a threat to mankind due to being the sole inheritor of Earth's future. Neverland Innocent This lead to him investigating the Akashic Records, discovering that the combination of mankind with a new secondary nervous system (the psychic children) and the plant life forms (as a sort of symbiosis that countered man's aggressive and selfish instincts) were the intended future rulers of the Earth.

This discovery leads to Kazamori/Seven to fight against Garut for his crimes in tampering with the Akashic Record and all of the incidents that happened so far. At the end of the battle, Kazamori entrusted the Plant Life form and the Akashic Record to UG, affirming that he is willing to protect mankind no matter the cost as he continued to wander the Earth with the Nurse-like alien observing his progress. Akashic Records


Ultra Eye: Masaki uses the Ultra Eye to transform into Ultraseven. To transform, Masaki places the device on his face and he is transformed into Ultraseven.

Powers and Weapons

  • Training: Kazamori was well trained during his days as a member of the UG. He had mentioned that before his recruition into the team, Masaki had trained to lift up a load of 100 kg and carry it on his back all night.
  • Ultra Eye: Using the Ultra Eye, Masaki can transform into Seven.
  • Enhanced Strength and Agility: After his separation with Seven, Kazamori showed that he could fight Alien Garut evenly despite the alien being stronger than a human.
  • Energy Blast: After his separation with Seven, Kazamori showed he could fire a transparent energy blast with his middle and index finger.
  • Barrier: After his separation with Seven, Kazamori showed he could create a transparent energy shield with his hand, he could convert into a blast.
  • Energy Projection: Kazamori once heated up a glass of water to dissolve a tablet, he did so with yellow energy from his hands.
  • Telepathy: Even after his separation from Seven, Kazamori had telepathic abilities.



  • In Eternal Earth, Seven's first attempt at disguising as Kazamori has him speaking in Dan's voice before it changes into a deeper version of Kazamori's usual voice. As the episode goes on, it indicated that Seven has grow accustomed to the Kazamori disguise that his voice finally matches the young man's usual tone.
  • Kazamori has an aversion of being nicknamed "Kazamori-kun" by his teammates, as Dan used this once to provoke the young man into attacking him. This trait was never carried out to Seven when he masqueraded as the young man during events of The Final Chapters Hexalogy, and is eventually brought up when the real Kazamori was finally returned at the end of I Am an Earthling.
  • Masaki's powers after his departure from Seven implied that like Shin Hayata in the 2011 manga ULTRAMAN, he gained Ultra genes from his Ultra partner, whether he could pass them on to his children is unknown.
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