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Mars (火星 Kasei) is the fourth planet from the Sun in the solar system, and has appeared in numerous universes. Often nicknamed the Red Planet for its rich red surface, the result of the presence of vast quantities of iron oxide throughout the planet's crust, Mars is one of the best known of the inner planets other than Earth itself, and has been featured prominently in science fiction media, including the Ultraman Series.

Humans such as Jack Shindo and Stanley Haggard have ventured there. Notable battles on this planet include the fight between Ultraman Ace and Tyrant, the fight between Ultraman Great and Gudis, and the fights between Ultraman Dyna and Neo Darambia, Neo Darambia Ⅱ and later Terranoid. A domed Martian colony serves as a primary setting for Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.


Ultra Q

The home world of Namegon, Mars was one of the first planets beyond Earth explored by humanity. A rocket sent from the red planet on a return trip to Earth plunged into the sea off Japan, where its cargo, two golden spheres, eventually washed up on the coast. It later turned out that these spheres were the eggs of Namegon, as one of the Martian creatures was unleashed after the thieves who had stolen the orbs accidentally dropped one of them into a hot spring. The Gift From Space


When the Baltans arrived on Earth with the intent of colonising it, Shin Hayata attempted to use diplomacy to solve the crisis, suggesting that the aliens travel to Mars instead. However, the leader of the invasion force refused, mentioning that the presence of Spacium minerals on the planet's surface made it unsuitable for them to live there. Shoot the Invaders!

Ultraman Taro

As Tyrant closed in on Earth, having defeated four out of the six Ultra Brothers who had been guarding the planets in the solar system, he came upon one final obstacle before reaching his destination; Ace, the fifth Ultra Brother, and Taro's adoptive brother. The monster and hero clashed, and though Ace put up a brave fight against Tyrant, eventually he was defeated just like his comrades before him, and the monster left the Red Planet for its target. However, Ace's efforts were not in vain, as by the time Tyrant reached Earth, tired from his battles against Ace and the Ultra Brothers, he was fighting at less than his optimal strength, allowing Taro to finally put the chimeric monster down for good. Go Beyond the Ultra Brothers!

Ultraman: Towards the Future

Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

In the near future, the establishment of cities on Mars was underway, with these cities being surprisingly similar, both in form and technology, to those on Earth. To survive and thrive in Mars's environment, these cities were sustained by being built inside vast biodome complexes. One such city was the home town of Kengo Manaka, a botanist undertaking research into the possibility of growing plants in the soil of Mars, as the planet's iron-rich ground currently meant that growing plants was extremely difficult, requiring the import of soil from Earth.

After experiencing a recurring dream in which he was visited by a mysterious woman, then became overtaken by a beam of energy from a shadowed 'Dark Giant', Kengo decided to make his way to a pyramid-like ruin in search of soil from underground, which he believed could have a beter chance of hosting plant life. There, he beheld the dormant, statue-like form of the Circle Arms, as well as the first signs that there was something greater to the ruins than first thought, as his hands began glowing! When Golba attacked, he was protected from falling wreckage by a strange energy barrier.

Later that day, after Kengo was invited to join GUTS-Select by Mitsukuni Shizuma, Golba attacked for a second time, and Kengo made his way to the ruins again. Noticing the same effect as before when he observed the Circle Arms, Kengo was suddenly brought to the lowest level of the ruins, where he came across the dormant Ultraman Trigger. Carmeara suddenly appeared and attacked the human, injuring him with her Carmeara Whip while attempting to destroy Trigger's statue. However, Kengo refused to yield, and his words suddenly revived Trigger! Trigger then proceeded to face Carmeara and Golba in battle, and was eventually victorious, though Carmeara managed to leave after sacrificing Golba as a meat shield against Trigger's Zeperion Beam.Connection of Light