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Marluru (マルゥル Maruuru) is an Alien Metron child, and one of the supporting characters of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. They are a member of the expert team GUTS-Select, working as their operator while possessing a wealth of knowledge on intergalactic monsters.[2][3]


Secret Origins of the Nursedessei – The Struggle of Special Section 3

At some point before GUTS-Select's formation, Marluru was inducted into TPU and assigned to Department of Technological Development: Special Section 3 (技術部・特務3課 Gijutsu-bu Tokumu San-ka) under Seiya Tatsumi's advice, the latter would be the future captain of GUTS-Select. Under this department, Marluru worked alongside his employer, Masamichi Hotta, and accountant Terumi Yazaki.[1][4]

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Marluru's first onscreen appearance was during Kengo Manaka's induction into GUTS-Select, chastising the new recruit for calling them "cute".



  • Marluru's jacket has an Eye Slugger print on it.
  • Alongside Alien Pegassa Pega, Marluru promoted Tsuburaya Imagination at the end of the voice drama that coincided with Ultraman Trigger: NEW GENERATION TIGA.
  • In the Ultraman Series Twitter account, Marluru is stated to have contacted their former employer Masamichi in a weekly basis through TPU's e-mail server. Marluru's profile picture represented the "adult" Alien Metron from Ultraseven and each of his mails correspond to the weekly episodes.


  • Marluru's gender has faced inconsistency as they have been called "she", "he", and "they" by differing sources.[1][5] For consistency purposes, the wiki will use the gender-neutral "they" until further clarification is found.


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