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Mandarin Grass (マンダリン草 Mandarin Kusa) is a plant monster in Ultraman Taro. A mysterious semi-sentient species of plant native to Earth with both destructive and restorative properties, it was used as a bioweapon by Alien Mefilas II, as part of his plans to take over the planet.

Subtitle: Strange Grass (怪草 Kai Kusa)


Ultraman Taro

Found by the second Alien Mefilas to come to Earth, the Mandarin Grass was to be used for world domination by paralyzing all human beings. The Mandarin Grass was hidden in a soda vending machine and stung people that reached their hands in to get it, disabling them quickly. For a few days, no one was sure what the cause was until the alien biological weapon grew to great sizes, or so it seemed. ZAT was quick to arrive on the scene and assaulted the Mandarin Grass. Not long into combat, the massive plant exploded, revealing Mefilas himself, as the giant flower was a hallucination created by the conniving alien. Mefilas was now holding the plant in hand. After ZAT successfully began raining gunfire down on the alien, Mefilas reeled back in pain after one of his eyes was injured and started violently bleeding. Inadvertently, this forced the alien to reveal the secondary abilities of the plant. Wiping the Mandarin Grass over his damaged eye, his injury completely healed. After Mefilas' death at the hands of Ultraman Taro, the Ultra picked up the plant, using it to heal everyone that it infected.


  • Height: Varies
  • Weight: Varies
  • Origin: Underground
Powers and Weapons
  • Vines: Mandarin Grass has several long vines on its body which it can use to coil and bash enemies. It also has stingers all over its vines that can kill humans upon contact when injected with Mandarin Disease.
  • Regeneration: Mandarin Grass can regenerate nearly any part of its body. Right before it does this a ray appears where it will regenerate.
  • Regenerative Properties: Mandarin Grass has chemicals inside it which will reverse damage to a user's body, as shown when Mefilas restored his injured eye with the plant. When being used for this purpose, the plant glows bright pink and gives off substantial amounts of light.
  • Cure Pollen: Mandarin Grass can emit a type of pollen which heals anyone afflicted by its Mandarin Disease.


Ultraman Taro

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