Mamagon (ママゴン Mamagon) is the loving mother of Chibira and wife of Papagon in the series, Chibira-Kun.


Height: 6.5 ft

Weight: Unknown

Origin: Earth


Mamagon is the mother of the monster family, who does all the motherly chores, such as cleaning and cooking for her misfit family of Chibira, Papagon and Getdata. A bit of an airhead, she usually is the one who tries to stop Papagon's inventions from going out of control or solve family problems with other kaiju such as Agira or Alien Zarab.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: She is the muscle of the family. She has proven her strength against Alien Mechara.


  • Mamagon's name would later be barrowed for the 1972 film, Godzilla vs Gigan by Toho Studios, where a manga artist had to come up with two new monsters based on what kids found scary. One, the homework monster, Shukra, and the other was Mamagon, a strict mother.


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