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Makunosaurus (マクノザウルス Makunozaurusu) is a dinosaur Kaiju introduced in the series, Fireman. It appeared in episode 19.

Subtitle: Primitive Monster (原始怪獣 Genshi Kaijū)



Makunosaurus first appeared in Tokyo Bay. SAF attacked Makunosaurus, but it started heading north, approaching Ashikaga village. Fireman appears to fight it, but eventually the dinosaur disappears by spraying mist. MukuMuku, who arrived in the village from another planet, battled the Kaiju. However, the dinosaur proves to be more powerful, and easily overpowers the space monster. Fireman came and worked together with MukuMuku while dodging Makunosaurus' flame attacks. In the end the beast was defeated by using the Fire Dash. The Space Monster vs. The Primeval Monster


  • Makunosaurus is a modified Dorango suit.
  • Makunosaurus uses a commonly used roar in Fireman.


  • Height: 110 m
  • Weight: 30,000 t
  • Origin: East Sea Bay
Powers and Weapons
  • Fire Breath: Makunosaurus can breathe fire which causes explosions.
  • Fog Summon: Makunosaurus can summon fog at will.
  • Powerful Kicks: Makunosaurus can kick with high power.


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