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"I am a preacher of love and goodwill: Makoto Aizen...!"

―Makoto's self-introduction

"Look, the Earth is round. I'm sure we will run into each other again eventually. See ya...wait, who was it who said that?"

―Makoto before leaving Ayaka City as himself, This Moment Is A Bond

Makoto Aizen (愛染 マコト Aizen Makoto) was the president and general manager of Aizen Tech. He became the first antagonist of Ultraman R/B after being possessed by Cereza.


The actual extent of his traits and behavior is unknown, but judging from his past, he was a man who was dedicated to his job in his father's workplace.


Ultraman R/B

Main article: Cereza

While not much of Makoto's past is known, 15 years prior to the series, he was a common worker for the family’s business of Aizen Iron Works before being possessed by Cereza as a "vessel" in order to blend in to Earth's society. This entire event went for at least 15 years as "Makoto" inherited his father's Aizen Iron Works and became popular across the globe for his industry's research and breakthroughs.

Under Aizen and Mio Minato, the small family business transformed into a very prominent and successful one, and in doing so, Aizen became a celebrity to the citizens of Ayaka City.

As Cereza has no corporeal form, Makoto's body was put to use by providing Cereza an ability to come off as an ordinary human, wield the Gyro and serving as a host for Ultraman Orb Dark.

After Grigio King's defeat, Cereza was expelled from his body by Saki Mitsurugi, leaving Makoto in a collapsed state. After reawakening, Makoto was replaced by Saki as the CEO of Aizen Tech and he himself departed from Ayaka City to go cycling around the world.


  • Blood Type: AB

"Let me borrow the power of bonds!"

―Activation announcement for Orb Dark

Makoto inserts the Orb Origin Crystal into the AZ Gyro and pulls the side handles thrice. The Orb Ring NEO appears above the Gyro and is switched into the Orb Dark Mode.

Makoto presses the center button, spinning the Orb Ring NEO in a similar manner to Orb Slasher before raising it mid-air. Two giant Orb Ring NEOs appear at his sides before another appears before him a la Fusion Up sequences. Dark rainbow background begins to burst as Ultraman Orb Dark rises, initially making a heart-shaped hand gesture before clenching his right hand forward as he closely approaching the screen. If he already has the Orb Ring NEO on hand, he doesn't need to summon it via the Orb Origin Crystal.

When transforming into a Kaiju via a R/B Crystal, Makoto inserts the crystal into the AZ Gryo and pulls the handles thrice. He then raises his right hand into the air and begins to transform. Spirals of energy surround him and turns him into the monster.

Powers and Weapons
  • Endurance: In episode 3, he was able to withstand the impact of a petrified bird falling onto his head, rising up as if it was nothing. Because this trait is illogical by human standards (as normal humans would have been killed by such accident without protective headgear), it is suspected as partly an influence from Cereza.
  • R/B Crystal Collection Case: A collection device which he used to store his own sets of R/B Crystals, particularly Kaiju.
  • R/B Crystals: Makoto is shown to be in possession of the R/B Crystals which mainly contains the physical manifestations of Ultra Kaiju. His only Ultra Crystal was the crystal of Orb Origin.
  • AZ Gyro: While the origins of the said device is unknown, Makoto either uses it to summon the corresponding Kaiju or transform into one. Makoto can summon the Orb Ring NEO with the Orb Origin Crystal.
  • Orb Ring NEO: Makoto's transformation item, used to transform into Ultraman Orb Dark. He summoned it by inserting the Orb Origin Crystal to his AZ Gyro. This item was confiscated by the Minato brothers after his defeat as Orb Dark. However, Makoto reclaimed this item after the Minato brothers were defeated by Horoboros but has once again lost it.
  • Orb Dark Calibur: As Orb Dark, Makoto wields this weapon for Orb Dark to access a variety of attacks.
  • Saki's Gyro: Lent to him by Saki Mitsurugi, it allows Makoto to transform into Kaiju, when his AZ Gyro was malfunctioning.

R/B Crystals in Possession



Other Media

Ultraman New Generation Chronicle

Aizen appeared as the guest star in episode 19 and episode 20. Ultraman New Generation Chronicle


Regularly, Makoto write his poems on a piece of paper as a word of advice to his audience. Although this is later revealed to be Cereza's work, Tsuburaya's Twitter site take this joke further by creating posters of Makoto:

  • "Hit a stone bridge and break it" (石橋に当たって砕けろ Ishibashi ni atattekudakero):
    • English Equivalent: "It's important you face your challenges without letting anything get in your way".
  • "When hard times pass, take to the skies" (一難去ったら空を飛べ Ichiran sattara sora wo tobe)
  • "Just call it the "flower garden"" (言わぬがお花畑 Iwanuga Ohanabatake)
    • English Equivalent: "Don't ask me".
  • "Floating like a butterfly adds insult to injury" (蝶のように舞い泣きっ面に蜂 Chō no yō ni mai nakittsura ni hachi)
    • English Equivalent: "Cry when you're in good health"
  • "One must be willing to struggle, even in youth" (若いうちの苦労は勝手でも押し付けろ Wakai uchi no kurō wa katte demo oshitsukero)
    • English Equivalent: "One should be more impulsive"
  • "Even dust is dangerous if it accumulates" (塵も積もればヤバくなる Chiri mo tsumoreba yaba ku naru)
    • English Equivalent: "You cannot win with that kind of ability".

Ultra Report Cards

Ultra Report Card.jpg

Makoto/Cereza had prepared Ultra Report Cards (ウルトラ通信簿 Urutora Tsūshin-bo) to grade Katsumi and Isami's performance as Ultramen, which he handed to the brothers in episode 8. Limited copies of these (along with a blank report card) were available for purchase at movie theaters during the run of Ultraman R/B The Movie[1]. The contents include:

  • The original 5 Ultra Oaths written on the back
  • 5 Ultra Goals (ウルトラ目標 Urutora Mokuhyō) written on the back:
    • The courage to believe in oneself seems to become strength! (己を信じる勇気、それが力になると思え! Onore wo shinjiru yūki, sore ga chikara ni naru to omoe!) - reference to Gai Kurenai regaining Orb Origin.
    • Protect lives no matter what! (護れる命は何があっても護れ! Mamoreru inochi wa nani ga atte mo mamore!)
    • Never give up even when the Color Timer goes red! (カラータイマーが赤になっても最後まであきらめるな! Karā Taimā ga aka ni natte mo saigo made akirameruna!)
    • Even if you lose to a strong opponent, use your strength to get up again! (たとえ強敵に敗れても、力をつけてまた立ち向かえ! Tatoe kyōteki ni yaburete mo, chikara wo tsukete mata tachimukae!)
    • Don't lose your kindness, no matter how many times you are betrayed! (何度裏切られようと、優しさを失うな! Nando uragira reyou to, yasashisa wo ushinau na!) - reference to Ultraman Ace's parting words.
  • Graded "stats" for each of them, and corresponding graphs.
  • Comments by Makoto.
  • A Progress Report (めあてに対するあゆみのようす Meate ni tai suru ayumi no yōsu); grades are Good (よい Yoi), OK (まあまあ Mā Mā), and Bad (だめ Dame).
  • Daily Life (日常 Nichijō):
    • Act for the purpose for universal peace (宇宙平和を目的とした行動を心掛けている Uchū heiwa wo mokuteki to shita kōdō wo kokorogakete iru)
    • Always have a sense of justice (常に正義感を胸に抱いている Tsuneni seigi-kan wo mune ni daite iru)
    • Be sure not to reveal your identity (正体がバレないよう振舞っている Shōtai ga barenai yō furumatte iru)
    • Act for human lives first (人命第一で行動する Jinmei dai-ichi de kōdō suru)
    • Train hard every day (日々トレーニングに励んでいる Hibi torēningu ni hagende iru)
    • Live a healthy life (健康に気を付けて生活している Kenkō ni ki wo tsukete seikatsu shite iru)
    • Look out for oddities in peoples' lives (人々の生活に異常がないか目を光らせている Hitobito no seikatsu ni ijō ga nai ka me wo hikarasete iru)
  • In Battle (戦闘中 Sentō-chū):
    • Immediately rush over to where the Kaiju appears (怪獣が現れたら速やかに現場に駆け付ける Kaijū ga arawaretara sumiyaka ni genba ni kaketsukeru)
    • Transform without anyone seeing (誰も見ていないところで変身している Dare mo mite inai tokoro de henshin shite iru)
    • Always be ready to use your Transformation Item (変身アイテムはいつでも使えるようにしている Henshin Aitemu wa itsu demo tsukaeru yō ni shite iru)
    • Use your Transformation Item in a cool way (変身アイテムを格好良く使っている Henshin Aitemu wo kakkō yoku tsukatte iru)
    • Have a cool pose after transforming (変身アイテムを格好良く使っている Henshin chokugo no kime pōzu wo kakkō yoku okonaeru)
    • Instantly identify enemy characteristics and weaknesses (瞬時に敵の特性や弱点を見極める Shunji ni teki no tokusei ya jakuten wo mikiwameru)
    • Fight without destroying the city and nature (街や自然を破壊せずに戦っている Machi ya shizen wo hakai sezu ni tatakatte iru)
    • Be careful not to use too much strength while holding humans or airplanes (人間や飛行機を手に持つときは力加減に気を付ける Ningen ya hikōki wo te ni motsu toki wa chikara kagen ni ki wo tsukeru)
    • Do not blame others for your own immaturity (己の未熟さを他人のせいにしない Onore no mijuku-sa wo tanin no sei ni shinai)
    • Do not monologue after transforming (変身後は私語を慎む Henshin-go wa shi-go wo tsutsushimu)
    • Be sure to listen to the screams of monsters and the claims of aliens (怪獣の雄叫びや星人の主張には必ず耳を傾ける Kaijū no otakebi ya hoshi hito no shuchō ni wa kanarazu mimiwokatamukeru)
    • Make friends with non-malicious monsters and aliens (悪意のない怪獣や星人とは仲良くする Akui no nai kaijū ya seijin to wa nakayoku suru)
    • Receive the enemy's special attacks and abilities (敵の特殊な攻撃や能力は一通り受けて立つ Teki no tokushuna kōgeki ya nōryoku wa ichi-tōri uketetatsu)
    • Attack tentacles and large horns (触手や大きな角から先に攻撃する Shokushu ya ōkina tsuno kara saki ni kōgeki suru)
    • Move stylishly regardless of offense and defense (攻守を問わずスタイリッシュな動きに勤める Kōshu wo towazu sutairisshuna ugoki ni tsutomeru)
    • Get into a proper pinch without defeating the enemy easily (簡単に敵を倒さず適度にピンチを迎える Kantan ni teki wo taosazu tekido ni pinchi wo mukaeru)
    • Be inspired by the peoples' cheering (人々の声援で奮起する Hitobito no seien de funki suru)
    • Have some fighting spirit when the sunset is at your back (夕日をバックに戦う時は気合を入れる Yūhi wo bakku ni tatakau toki wa kiai wo ireru)
    • Properly use the powers you borrow from your seniors (先輩からお借りした力は正しく使う Senpai kara okarishita chikara wa tadashiku tsukau)
    • Do not forget to use small Slash-like techniques (スラッシュ系の小技も忘れずに使う Surasshu-kei no kowaza mo wasurezu ni tsukau)
    • Refrain from cruel defeats that end in bloodshed (流血などの残酷な倒し方は控える Ryūketsu nado no zankokuna taoshikata wa hikaeru)
    • Do not abuse finisher moves (必殺技を乱用しない Hissatsu waza wo ran'yō shinai)
    • Defeat the enemy within 3 minutes (3分以内に敵を倒している San-Bu inai ni teki wo taoshite iru)
  • After Battle (戦闘後 Sentō-go):
    • Leave the area immediately after fighting (戦闘終了後は速やかにその場を立ち去る Sentō shūryōgo wa sumiyaka ni sono ba wo tachisaru)
    • After the transformation is over, return while waving your hands refreshingly (変身解除後は、爽やかに手を振りながら帰ってくる Henshin kaijo-go wa, sawayaka ni te wo furinagara kaette kuru)
    • After the transformation is over, make sure there is an interval before transforming again (変身解除後は次の変身までインターバルをおく Henshin kaijo-go wa tsugi no henshin made intābaru wo oku)
    • Offer condolences to those you are forced to defeat (やむを得ず倒してしまった相手には哀悼の意をささげる Yamuwoezu taoshite shimatta aite ni wa aitō no i wo sasageru)


  • In early drafts, Makoto's name was Akira Aizen (愛染アキラ Aizen Akira).[2]


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