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Makio Kirino (キリノ・マキオ Kirino Makio) was a man who appeared in Ultraman Tiga episodes 39 and 52.


Makio was a man born with abnormal powers which caused him to be bullied by the other children in his neighborhood. Due to this, he grew up to be a bitter person.

One day, while taking a walk, he witnessed Garula rampaging directing Daigo to rescue a woman from a building before transforming into Tiga and fighting the monster. He became jealous of Daigo, because Daigo/Ultraman Tiga was praised as a hero with his "extraordinary power", while Makio himself was seen by others as a monster. He later sent Daigo an e-mail to come to the shopping mall at the K Sector and blackmailed him to play games with him.

The next day, he revealed to Daigo the game was to defeat the monster Garula without transforming, and even threatened to reveal Daigo's identity as Ultraman Tiga to the world if he lost or transformed. Daigo wondered why did he didn't use his powers for justice but Makio replied that his reasons were the same with Daigo for keeping his identity as Tiga as a secret. Before leaving he told Daigo Garula's next location; Metropolis K-3 District.

When Garula arose, Makio witnessed Daigo's strategy as he tried to distract the monster luring it away from the city. However, when Rena was about to be crushed by falling debris, Daigo was left with no choice and transformed to escort Rena to safety. Tiga appeared and fought the monster Garula, but he was loosing badly. After seeing Daigo's moxy as he tried to stop the monster despite being outmatched, he was touched and redeemed himself by telling Daigo Galra's weak spot, so he could finally defeat it.

He e-mailed Daigo commending on his bravery and how he deserved his recognition and that he had finally decided to brave society until it could accept his ability. He also adviced Daigo to wear good looking pants whenever went walking with Rena. Dear Mr. Ultraman

After Ultraman Tiga was turned into stone by Gatanothor, he directed GUTS during the plan to revive Tiga. To the Shining Ones

Powers and Weapons

  • Psychic Powers: Makio possessed a number of psychic powers which he was born with.
    • ESP: Makio can perceive things outside the range of human senses
    • Telepathy: Makio can communicate with another being telepathically
    • Precognition: Makio could predict events in advance accurately. It is unknown how for and how accurately he could see into the future.



  • Makio is one of the few completely human beings to possess supernatural abilities. He is the second in Ultraman Tiga, with the first being Kagetatsu Nishikida.