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Maiko Namekata (行方マイコ Namekata Maiko) is a minor character in Ultraman Taiga. She is a childhood friend of Homare Soya.


Ultraman Taiga

Maiko was Homare's childhood friend and played with him a few times when they were young. Her alien grandmother had captured a Majappa into a talisman-like device disguised as a perfume bottle, which was passed down from generation to generation. Maiko had been warned never to open the cover, but the true reason was kept a secret.

Years later, 8 years prior to the present, she saw Homare again while he was fighting an alien gang. In his eyes she saw fear, as if he rejected the whole world. It was a sight that Maiko could never forget.

Some time later, she had found someone to marry. When she told them of her descent, they did not mind and told Maiko that she would always be herself.

In the present day, Maiko is targeted by the Villain Guild, who sent a Hupnath and Alien Keel to obtain her talisman, and the Majappa within it. She is chased by them, but they were stopped by Hiroyuki Kudo and Homare, who saw her in distress while sparring. She is brought to the EGIS base, and hires Hiroyuki and Homare to be her bodyguards after being convinced by Kana Sasaki and Pirika Asahikawa. It took a while before Homare recognized his childhood friend.

After a few short interactions with Hiroyuki, talking about Homare, the aliens came back. After a chase, Homare got into a fight with the Keel and accidentally broke the talisman, unleashing Majappa. During a bit of dialogue between Homare and the Alien Keel, Maiko finds out that the former is actually an alien. Seeing Ultraman Fuma getting overwhelmed by Majappa's attacks while invisible, she decided to step in and help him by exposing Majappa's location through her special vision ability. She also neutralized Majappa's gas attack on Ultraman Taiga. As a few pieces of a building came falling on her, she stopped them mid-air and destroyed the rubble, exposing her abilities to Homare, which surprises him.

With the battle over, Maiko tells Homare about her marriage and what her fiance said to her. This inspired Homare to tell the truth of his identity to his fellow EGIS members, who did not mind at all. The Present for Each


Powers and Weapons
  • Sealing Talisman: A family heirloom from her grandmother, it was used to seal and contain Majappa. It was passed down for generations, with the latest holder being Maiko. By focusing her energy into it, the talisman also grants her a few abilities.
    • Revelation: Maiko can see through Majappa's invisibility. She used this ability to expose its location to Ultraman Fuma.
    • Gas Neutralization: Maiko's energy aura is able to neutralize Majappa's gas attack.
    • Protection: Trough the talisman's power, Maiko stops incoming debris and destroys it mid-air.



  • Maiko's surname, "Namekata", means "Whereabouts" in English.
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