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Mahler (マーラー Mārā) was a demonic spirit that first appeared in Neo Ultra Q episode 4, "Pandora's Cave".

Subtitle: Dark Malice (暗黒悪意 Ankoku Akui)


Neo Ultra Q

Mahler is an entity made of condensed evil, sealed in ancient times underneath a lid in a cave at the bottom of a shrine. A man named Kuroki, who used to do research with Jin Haibara, somehow found himself in the cave, and partially opened the lid, releasing some of Mahler's essence which condensed into a humanoid. Mahler contemplated Kuroki's nature and read his thoughts, using several illusions to tempt him into opening the lid completely, so that he can "return the world to its natural state". Some of these illuisons included Kuroki's girlfriend, who lost her consciousness and fell into a coma after an experiment with Kuroki. He also used the form of Jin to mock him for his failures, but Kuroki was able to see though Mahler's tricks. Soon, the sun rose and its rays burned Mahler away.

Emiko Watarase then came along and found Kuroki, looking down towards him in the cave. She offered her help to get out, but instead, Kuroki saw his girlfriend. Seemingly going insane, he opened the lid and Mahler's essence was released into the world. What happened afterwards is left unknown.


  • Mahler is most likely named after the Buddhist demon Mara, who attempted to lead Buddha astray while he was meditating.


  • Height: Indeterminable
  • Weight: Indeterminable
  • Weakness: Mahler will burn upon contact with sunlight.
Powers and Weapons
  • Transformation: Mahler can transform into fire balls, black slime, and a human.
  • Illusion: Mahler can induce illusions of any humans near him using memories of those close to the victims.


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