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Maguma (マグマ) is an Alien Magma that appeared in Ultraman Taiga. He is a former member of the Villain Guild and now works as a guard at EGIS.


Ultraman Taiga

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He first appeared trying to open up an important canister that Alien Rivers Kawazu was trying to protect. His efforts in trying to open it were met with interruption by Homare Soya who fought him over it. The two of them were evenly matched and during the fight, the canister opened up to reveal a baby Zandrias. Magma then took off with the baby and teleported away. When confronted by Kawazu and Hiroyuki Kudo, Magma threatened to feed the baby to its monster, Zegun until the mother Zandrias finally arrived and attacked Zegun. He then proceeded to let the two fight each other as part of an auction until Hellberus arrived and ruined it by killing Zegun and going after the mother Zandrias. Frustrated, Magma threw the baby aside and teleported away before he could be crushed by the mother Zandrias as she was falling thanks to an attack from Hellberus. Buddy Go!

Maguma and Markind were absent for huge portion of the series, but they return at the height of Woola's appearance on Earth. In a Villain Guild hideout, Pirika was forced to use the brainwave controlling device (脳波コントロール装置 Nōha Kontorōru Sōchi) to digitize herself into Woola's body, hoping to shut the monster's life force while Maguma and Marking held the rest of EGIS away for their own safety. I'm Pirika

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When the Tri-Squad fail to even defeat Woola or rescuing Pirika, the two Villain Guild members offer their help to EGIS in a coordinated attack. In the Magma Saucer, Maguma and Homare would fire the white hole missile to neutralize Woola's black hole, leaving Taiga to feed the monster on his own. With the plan succeeded and Pirika rescued by the External Affairs Division X, Maguma and Markind are accepted into EGIS, the former as their bodyguard. Buddy, Steady, Go!

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Maguma appears in the opening movie, where he helped Hiroyuki and Homare chased the Dada Gang when they stole the Blue Stone of Baradhi. He was injured from defending Hiroyuki from one of the gang members' attack. He then had to be suspended from work as he had to undergo mandatory long-term rehabilitation in the hospital, with Markind watching over him.

Maguma was absent during Grimdo's presence on Earth, but was mentioned by Homare to have helped in detecting the possessed Ultraman Taro's whereabouts. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax


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  • Height: 2 m[1]
  • Weight: 75 kg[1]
  • Origin: Planet Magma
Powers and Weapons
  • Magma Saber (マグマサーベル Maguma Sāberu): Maguma is armed with a long Pata that he can use with vast skill.
  • Teleportation: If the situation calls for, Maguma can summon a warp light to teleport himself away from dangerous situation.
  • Magma Saucer (マグマ円盤 Maguma Enban): Maguma's transportation ship, which he co-piloted with Homare Soya. It shoots white hole missile as a temporary solution to shut Woola's black hole stomach while Taiga try to feed the monster with his own energy beam.[2]



  • Maguma and Markind are purposely written not to be hated characters, as their redemptions were planned from the very beginning.


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