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"Magnetic Monster Magnegauss. It has magnet horns on its shoulders which emits a powerful magnetic beam, and protects itself with a barrier."
"Good. The monster's got a great evil looking. Magnegauss, distract the security computer and bring up a chaos.

Takeshi Todo and Kahn Digifer.

Magnegauss (マグネガウス Magunegausu) was a quadrupedal reptlilian monster introduced in episode 12 of Gridman the Hyper Agent. It was adapted in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad as an upgraded version of Kord.

Subtitle: Magnetic Force Monster (磁力怪獣 Jiryoku Kaijū)


Gridman the Hyper Agent

A thief called Kaitou Marty was on the loose and he broke into houses by cracking security systems. He robbed the Babas and proceeded to Takeshi Todo's house, but fled after an encounter with Kahn Digifer. Conveniently, a security expert showed up and offered his new revolutionary home security system called Cat Eye Security. Takeshi learned of the break-in and soon discovered that Kaitou Mati and the expert were the same person. To punish the swindler, Takeshi created Magnegauss to infect the Cat Eye System. Anyone with this system installed would become trapped in their homes. Gridman could not defeat the monster alone as Magnegauss used its magnetic powers to deflect many of his attacks and drain his power. Ippei Baba modified the vehicles to combine into God Zenon giving Gridman the chance to use the Grid Beam to destroy Magnesgauss.


  • Magnegauss suit would be altered to Eyegangar later in the series.
    • This makes Magnegauss the second Gridman Kaiju to be retooled into a completely new monster instead of a Mecha version of itself the first being Terragaia being retooled into Dazzlba then again into Skubone.


  • Length: 90 m
  • Weight: 130,000 t
  • Origin: Cyberspace
Powers and Weapons
  • Magne-Horns: Magnegauss has two horns on his shoulders that can fire strong magnetic rays.
  • Sparkling Ray: Like most of the kaijus, Magnegauss can fired a sparkling ray to infect the Cat Eye System.
  • Absorption: Magnegauss can absorbed his opponent's energy with his mouth.
  • Blinding Light: From his shoulders, Magnegauss can fire blinding lights.


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