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Magmagon (マグマゴン Magumagon) was a Kaiju that was introduced in Mirrorman.

Subtitle: Yokai Monster (妖怪怪獣 Yōkai Kaijū)



Magmagon roamed around an area in the Southern Japanese Alps known as Death Valley where the Invaders set up a secret cave base. Kyotaro was sent by Dr. Mitarai to investigate Death Valley after a female hiker was killed by the monster. During the investigation he spotted flying saucers entering and exiting a cave. Magmagon appeared before him as the Invaders announced to Mirrorman they were gathering their fleet to attack the Niigata Base the next day. Before Kyotaro could turn into Mirrorman, Magmagon launched the drill missile that composed his left hand, sending him falling down a hill. He managed to escape, but lost the communicator in his watch. Magmagon appeared once again when Jumbo Phoenix attacked a pair of Invader flying saucers, downing the fighter the the drill missile that composed his right hand. The Jumbo Phoenix returned the next day to continue the fight, unloading missiles on Magmagon's back. After that the SGM found the location of the cave base thanks to Kyotaro.

Magmagon blocked the entrance from Jumbo Phoenix when Mirrorman arrived to fight. Wasting no time the monster fired a hand drill missile at the hero. The Jumbo Phoenix shot down flying saucers that were exiting the cave as Mirrorman assaulted Magmagon. The hero was forced off when Magmagon sprayed his acidic gas on him. Mirrorman then used the Slicer H to cut the monster's arms off before hitting and throwing him some more. Just as the color timer was going off, Mirrorman killed Magmagon by decapitating him with the Miracle Kick.


  • Magmagon's roar is reused from Gabora.



  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 39,000 t
  • Origin: Japanese Alps
Powers and Weapons
  • Acidic Gas: From his mouth, Magmagon can spew a cloud of acidic gas that can reduce humans to skeletons in seconds.
  • Hand Drill Missiles: Magmagon has a large drill missile for each hand. These missiles regenerate shortly after being launched.



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