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The Magma Riser (マグマライザー, Magumaraizā), model name: TDF MR -1, is an underground tank used by the UG. It first appeared in Ultraseven episode 17.



The Magma Riser saw its first action during a rescue operation by the Ultra Guard to free Jiro Satsuma from the U-Tom. It was through this tank that the Ultra Guard discover a hidden city in the underground belonging to an unseen faction. Outfitted with the ability to remote control combat tanks, the Magma Riser was be used in a simulated combat training for TDF and UG, but Alien Platic hijacked the drilling tank and force it (as well as the rest of the remote controlled tanks) into actual combat. The support tanks were destroyed by Dan before he slipped in to engage Alien Platic as Ultraseven, allowing UG to reclaim their vehicle.

After locating Seven's crucified area, the Magma Riser was equipped with Magnerium as it drills underground undetected by Alien Guts before resurfacing to revitalize the Ultra from his capture. The Magma Riser's final appearance was during the Operation: 3 Billion Massacre as it set to autopilot and races to Alien Ghose's hideout to detonate it. Seven was able to save Amagi before the Magma Riser's arrival.

Ultraman Mebius: Anderes Horizont[]

In the alternate continuity of Ultraman Mebius, the Magma Riser is considered as a METEOR equipment, as it was created by TDF after salvaging the Alien Pegassa's planet destroyer bomb. To elaborate, the drill uses vibration to burrow itself underground the same way as the material used to construct said bomb, followed by its brief use of Magnerium, the latter is also retroactively considered a METEOR equipment. GUYS chief mechanic Araiso recover this vehicle and it was later reverse engineered to create Gun Spindler. Ultraman Mebius: Anderes Horizont





  • The Magma Riser's use of vibration wave to navigate itself underground is reused to explain Gomora's Ultra Oscillation Wave in recent media of Ultraman Series since Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.
  • The Magma Riser did not make its appearance in Heisei Ultraseven, presumably since only one known model existed (which had blew up in Alien Ghose's hideout.
    • Given the above incident, it is possible that in the Mebius novel universe, a spare Magma Riser was created and left unused until Araiso recovered it.