"Fusion Rise! Arch Belial! Maga-Orochi! Ultraman Belial, MagaMaga-Arch Belial!"

―Transformation announcement via Riser

MagaMaga-Arch Belial (禍々マガマガアークベリアル Magamaga Āku Beriaru lit. Misery Arch Belial) is an original Kaiju from the Ultraman Fusion Fight! Capsule Fusion arcade game. It is created by fusing Arch Belial and Maga-Orochi.

Subtitle: Belial Fusion Monster (ベリアル融合獣 Beriaru Yūgō-jū)


  • Height: 81 m
  • Weight: 100,000 t
  • Origin: N/A


  • Paralleling Orb and Geed's similarity in their usage of past Ultras' powers, the similarities of MagaMaga-Arch Belial's components are as follows:
    • Both managed to defeat an Ultra in their first battle.
    • Both required a new form to be defeated, Ultimate Zero and Thunder Breastar respectively.
    • Both are connected to Ultraman Belial; Arch Belial being a monstrous form of Belial, and Belial's Card being the final push to release Maga-Orochi
    • Both were created by absorbing a form of power; Kaiser Belial's emeralds and Maga-Orochi's fellow King Demon Beasts and Ultraman Belial.
    • Both possess the ability to drain their opponent's energies and launch their finisher beams from their mouth.
    • Both are planet destroyers; Arch Belial's Arch Deathcium Ray can decimate an entire planet and Maga-Orochi feasted upon any planet it landed on.
    • Both of their contributing defeats are due to a holy-powered materials; Arch Belial was destroyed by Ultimate Aegis and Maga-Orochi's adult form Magata no Orochi is imperfect due to a sacred tree in Kamio Park.
  • The kanji word "禍" ( Maga) means Misery, Destruction, or Calamity, with the second one is a repetition mark "々" for the previous kanji.

Powers and Weapons

  • Maga-Poison (マガポイズン Maga Poizun): As part of its normal attacks, MagaMaga-Arch Belial can launch a stream of dark energy from its palm.
  • MagaMaga-Arch Deathcium (マガマガアークデスシウム Magamaga Āku Desushiumu): A combination of Arch Belial's Arch Deathcium Ray and Maga-Orochi's Maga Thunderclap, which is fired from his mouth.
  • Maga-Kinesis (マガキネシス Maga Kineshisu Unused): According to Pega, MagaMaga-Arch Belial possess tremendous skill in the use of psychic waves, something that is either yet or not to be shown in the game.[1][2]



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