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Mad Saturn (マドサターン Mado Satān) is a Kaiju created by Mad Go-Ne in episode 14 of Jumborg Ace.

Subtitle: Cyborg Plant (サイボーグ植物 Saibōgu shokubutsu)


Jumborg Ace

Mad Go-Ne sent Mad Saturn to Earth in an attempt to conquer the planet. This plan began with Mad Saturn spreading itself as hell flowers that quickly grew and electrocuted whoever they touched. PAT was soon aware of the phenomenon the morning after one man was reduced to a chard corpse. Kenta took one of the hell flowers home which grew in his home that night which Naoki fended off with a chair. He somehow managed to kill it and brought it to PAT headquarters. The next morning PAT was led to a flowerbed they were blooming, quickly deducing they were feeding off of air pollution from a nearby mill. PAT and Naoki proceeded to use herbicide over the surrounding area to kill off the hell flowers followed by burning them. The last one managed to survive thanks to a small girl taking it home with her that grew that night. Naoki encountered it while Mad Go-Ne surveyed the area with his space ship and had the last hell flower turn into Mad Saturn.

Naoki was forced to run from Mad Saturn and PAT was quickly informed of the flower monster's emergence. The local mills were destroyed with destruction continuing well into dawn. PAT unleashed their missiles which briefly knocked Mad Saturn to the ground. Poison pollen was released from the head, allowing the flower monster to grab a PAT jet right before Naoki summoned Jumborg Ace with his plane. The Beam Emerald was used to destroy the right arm whip, freeing the jet. Jumborg Ace overpowered Mad Saturn until the beast used its flowers to blind and spray poison pollen on the robot hero. Mad Saturn then grabbed Jumborg Ace with its left whip arm and threw him around until PAT fired directly from atop. The other whip arm was blown off with the Jum Knife, allowing Jumborg Ace to beat down on Mad Saturn until it was dazed and the fight ended with the Jumborg Cannon spraying herbicide on the beast.


  • Design: Yoshiaki Yoneya
  • Mad Saturn would appear in Wutan's debut episode, as one of the monster ghosts in the graveyard, fighting Jumborg Ace.
  • Mad Saturn reuses the Toho King Kong roar. 


  • Height: 52 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Hell Flowers: Mad Saturn can divide itself into hundreds of red flowers that will quickly grow and use their vines to create electric shocks.
  • Poisonous Pollen: Mad Saturn can emanate pollen from its left arm and petals on its head. Before doing this they will emit bright lights to blind enemies.
  • Vines: Mad Saturn can use long vines for its arms to whip foes.


Jumborg Ace

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