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The Monster Attack Crewモンスターアタッキングクルー (宇宙パトロール隊 Monsutā Atakkingu Kurū, Uchū Patorōru-tai), abbreviated as MACエムエーシー (マック Emu Ē Shī, Makku)[1], was a defense force formed by Captain Dan Moroboshi in Ultraman Leo.


MAC Logo

MAC is a defense team which succeeded the Earth Defense Force (地球防衛隊 Chikyū Bōei-tai). The series' main setting is the Asia branch of MAC, but whereas there are multiple MAC operation bases across the globe. Dan Moroboshi commanded the Space Patrol Team (宇宙パトロール隊 Uchū Patorōru-tai), which is based in Asia's MAC Station. The Space Patrol Team's primary mission is to ensure the safety of spacefarers, quickly detect, and repel Kaiju and extraterrestrial attacks.

MAC is one of the most radically different Ultra support teams. As mentioned above, the captain is Dan Moroboshi, who is Ultraseven deprived of his ability to transform. Members get killed off and replaced with frightening rapidity. To top it all off, MAC (specifically the Asia Branch Headquarters) gets annihilated mid-series (episode 40).


MAC Station.png

The MAC Asia Headquarters (MACアジア本部 Makku Ajia Honbu), commonly known as MAC Station (MACステーション MAC Sutēshon), is one of the five space bases of MAC. It is situated 400km above Japan and has a permanent crew of a hundred. Maccy 1 is docked on the top of the base, while smaller fighters such as the Maccy 2 and Maccy 3 are stored and launched from inside. The base was destroyed by Silverbloome along with everyone inside it, with Gen and Dan being the only survivors. The other four intact MAC Stations are located above North America, South America, Europe, and Africa's branches.

MAC Tokyo Headquarters

Additionally, each branch has numerous land-based facilities with concealed defense systems, such as the MAC Tokyo Branch Headquarters (MAC東京支部基地 Makku Tōkyō Shibu Kichi).



Uleo Ultrsvn.jpg

Main article: Dan Moroboshi
  • Full name: Dan Moroboshi
  • Age: 30
  • Jersey Number: 1
  • Status: Alive
  • First Appearance: Episode 1

The leader of MAC and the human disguise of Ultraseven. In the battle with Alien Magma and Giras Brothers, he was wounded and lost his transformation ability. He would sometimes train Gen after he was defeated as Leo. He went missing after the first Saucer Monster - Silverbloome arrived on Earth and destroyed MAC's base. In episode 40 he returned with a new look and a mustache. In the final episode, he appears as Ultraseven in Gen's dream before Gen battles the final Saucer Monster - Black End.


  • Full name: Akio Kuroda
  • Age: 24
  • Jersey Number: 3
  • Status: Deceased
  • First Appearance: Episode 1

The third MAC member. He was the first vice captain of MAC. His plane was smashed by Alien Boze in 19th episode, thus killing him.

He is portrayed by So Kuroda.


  • Full name: Atsushi Hirayama
  • Age: Unknown
  • Jersey Number: Unknown
  • Status: Deceased
    • Cause of death: Alien Atler destroyed the plane he was driving.
  • First Appearance: Episode 9

The next MAC member to be a leader after Kuroda. He did not talk much but he was a good strategist in battle. In episode 16, he was killed by Alien Atler.

He is portrayed by Nobuo Hirasawa.


  • Full name: Daisuke Satoh
  • Age: Unknown
  • First appearance: Episode 19
  • Status: Deceased

The final commander of MAC. He was a kind person, but was killed by Silverbloome.

He is portrayed by Shigeo Tedzuka.

Normal Members


Main article: Gen Otori
  • Full name: Gen Otori
  • Age: 20
  • Status: Alive

The protagonist and the No.7 MAC team member, also Ultraman Leo's human disguise. After his homeworld Planet L77 was destroyed by Alien Magma, he moved to Earth. He was a coach in the South Town Club. After the battle with Alien Magma and Giras Brothers he was invited to join MAC. His girlfriend was the member of the South Town Club but was killed by the first Saucer Monster - Silverbloome. After the MAC and South Town Club were destroyed, he lived in Mei's house. After defeating Black End he decided to travel to an unknown place, leaving Earth.


  • Full name: Kiyohiko Akashi
  • Age: 20
  • Status: Deceased
    • Cause of death: Strangled and thrown to a tree by an Alien Flip illusion

The sixth MAC member. He has a extremely knowledgeable in fixing any broken machines. In episode 15, he was killed by Alien Flip.

He is portrayed by Kenji Oshima.


  • Full name: Ichiro Aoshima
  • Age: 22
  • Jersey number: 5
    • Status: Deceased
    • Cause of death: Alien Atler destroyed the plane he was driving.

The fifth MAC member. He loved battle, especially the battles with monsters and aliens.

He is portrayed by Yuichi Yanagisawa.


Main article: Junko Shirakawa
  • Full name: Junko Shirakawa
  • Age: 20
  • Status: Deceased
    • Cause of death: Swallowed alive by Silverbloome

The eighth MAC member. While mainly working at communications in the MAC Base. She could also pilot MAC plane No.2. She was swallowed alive by Silverbloome in episode 40.

She is portrayed by Mieko Mita.


Main article: Momoi Haruko
  • Full name: Momoi Haruko
  • Age: 18
  • Status: Deceased

The ninth MAC member. Like Junko, she mainly with communications. In episode 16, she was killed by Alien Atler while driving her car.

She is portrayed by Kyoko Aradama.

Officer Suzuki.jpg

Main article: Officer Suzuki
  • Full name: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Status: Deceased

He was the first MAC member who been killed. He is a very willing guy. In episode 3, he was killed by Alien Tsuruk.


  • Full name: Ippei Kajita
  • Age: Unknown
  • Status: Deceased

He joined MAC team with Jun. He was skilled in piloting MAC plane No.2.

He is portrayed by Takashi Asakura.


Main article: Jun Shirato
  • Full name: Jun Shirato
  • Age: 22
  • Status: Deceased

After his girlfriend was killed by Alien Karly in episode 6, he joined the MAC team with Ippei. He was later killed by Silverbloome in episode 40.

He is portrayed by Masaharu Matsuzaka.

  • Full name: Yoji Kitayama
  • Age: Unknown
  • Status: Alive

A professional skier decided to join MAC after fighting Northsatan to protect The Goddess of Nike while on a boat to his ski tournament. He then broke his leg to Northsatan which then was healed by Alien Alpha. Kitayama said he would have to leave MAC to join the ski tournament. Unlike most MAC members Kitayama did not die as he left for the Auora Ski Tournament.


  • Full name: Haruko Matsuki
  • Age: Unknown
  • Status: Deceased

She is Haruko Momoi's older sister. She works on contacting. Sometimes she will appears in the battle. At the day of her birthday (episode 40), she was swallowed alive by Silverbloome.

She is portrayed by Tomoko Ai.

Other Member


Main article: Saburo Sato
  • Full name: Saburo Sato
  • Age: Unknown
  • Status: Alive

He is a traveller and honorary MAC member. Saburo was given a temporary membership in MAC as he was needed to stop Bango. After Leo defeated Bango, Saburo bids farewell to everyone and departed to Himalayas to search for a Yeti.



MAC standard uniform

  • Wear: MAC uniforms consist of two-piece MAC Suits (マックスーツ Makku Sūtsu) and MAC Jacket (マックジャケット Makku Jyaketto). They have high durability and resistance to the heat and the cold. Despite this they can become weathered from battle.
  • MAC Helmet (マックヘルメット Makku Herumetto): Has a built in communications system
  • Wristwatch Communicator: A communicator device mounted in the form of a wrist watch. It is worn by off-duty personnel for immediate contact.
  • MAC Ceaver (マックシーバー Makku Shībā): A wristwatch that can detect a monster's presence. Even after MAC's demise, Gen still wear it in episode 42.


  • MAC Gun (マックガン Makku Gan): A handheld pistol with changeable cartridges to different firepower, such as laser and grenades.
  • MAC Bazooka (マックバズーカ Makku Bazūka): A bazooka used to attack Alien Babarue.
  • MAC Blaster (マックブラスター Makku Burasutā): An atomic heat gun with 60,000 degree heat firepower.
  • MAC Special Gun Atomic Laser 5 (マック特殊銃アトミックレーザー5 Makku Tokushu-jū Atomikku Rēzā Gō): A medium-sized gun with built-in accuracy system.
  • MAC Knife (マックナイフ Makku Naifu): A combat knife made from manganese steel.
  • Special High Speed Camera (特殊ハイスピードカメラ Tokushu Hai Supīdo Kamera): A camera that Dan used in episode 13 to uncover Alien Vibe's disappearance technique.


  • Maccy 1 (マッキー1号 Makkī Ichigō): A large spacecraft that moves with the 0.4 times speed of light. It appeared in episodes 1, 3 and 40. Although Maccy 1 had its engine retrofitted in the height of Alien Tsuruk's assault, it was never going into action again. The jet was among those eaten by Silverbloome during its assault on MAC Station. Although never shown again in the series, supplementary materials reveal that it was repurposed as a cargo aircraft from Earth to MAC Station.
  • Maccy 2 (マッキー2号 Makkī Nigō): A medium jet which always assigned with Maccy 3, it can separate into two different jets, Alpha and Beta. It was among those eaten by Silverbloome and forcefully pulled out by Leo in battle.
  • Maccy 3 (マッキー3号 Makkī Sangō): A fighter jet which Dan usually rides. It was among those eaten by Silverbloome and forcefully pulled out by Leo in battle.
  • MAC Special Helicopter (マック特殊ヘリコプター Makku Tokushu Herikoputā): A helicopter that appeared in episode 27, its original prop was repainted from ZAT Dragon in Ultraman Taro. It was used to deliver a peach-shaped capsule to Oni-on.
  • Rocket Fighter (ロケット戦闘機 Roketto Sentōki): Space fighters used to intercept Satan Beetle in episode 25.
  • MAC Rody (マックロディー Makku Rodī): An eco-friendly jeep for patrol and combat purpose, powered by a nuclear engine. Equipped with MAC Laser (マックレーザー Makku Rēzā), Atomic Bazooka (アトミックバズーカ Atomikku Bazūka), and a time bomb.
  • MAC Car (マックカー Makku Kā): A standard patrol car with no armament.
  • MAC Jeep (マックジープ Makku Jīpu): Patrol jeeps. Different models appear depending on the episode, either an Isuzu Unicab (episode 6) or Mitsubishi J3/J4 (episode 39).
  • MAC Mole (マックモール Makku Mōru): A subterrene which is only mentioned in MAC no March insert theme.
  • MAC Shark (マックシャーク Makku Shāku): A submarine which was only mentioned in episode 19 and appeared in the opening starting in episode 29, but saw no actual combat history.



  • MAC is the only defense force to have every member (aside from Dan and Gen) killed.
    • Saburo Sato was also the third member of MAC not killed. However, he was just an honorary member.
    • Kityama left MAC, but he is still alive.
  • MAC's uniform was a modified ZAT uniform.
  • MAC was supposed found by a normal human named Tetsutaro Kawakami instead of Ultraseven's human form Dan Moroboshi (this character also was supposed portrayed by Kohji Moritsugu). However, Moritsugu refused as the people would mistake him for Dan.
  • In episode 14 of Ultraman Leo, it is mentioned by Kuroda that 8 other MAC members were killed by Antales.
  • In episode 22, it is mentioned by the communications department of MAC that 3 other MAC members were killed by Garron while another 16 were wounded and not only did the defense team suffered many casualties, it was also nearly destroyed by Garron and Littre after losing so many members.
  • The car manufacturing company Honda, designed the vehicles of MAC.
  • With the exception of Dan and Gen, all officers that debuted in episode 1 had their names revolved around the Japanese words for colors.


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