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"I am a seagull. I fly high in the sky, and continue to ponder. I am a seagull..."

―M1, Ultraman X episode 19 "Living Together"

M1 (M1号 Emu Ichi-Gō)[1] is an artificial lifeform that debuted in the TV series, Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Artificial Life Form (人工生命 Jinkō Seimei)[1]


Ultra Q

M1 in Ultra Q

A super express train called the Inazuma-1 was on its maiden voyage carrying many passengers, one of which was carrying a suitcase containing the first man-made artificial lifeform, codenamed M1. When Ippei accidentally brought the suitcase containing M1 onto the Inazuma-1, it was confiscated and put into the trains on-board safe. However, during the voyage, stimulated by a camera flash, M1 grew into an ape-like creature, broke out of the safe, and scared one of the crew members.

In a panic, M1 took control of the Inazuma 1, accidentally altering its speed to dangerous levels. To save the train, the staff manage to disconnect the passenger cars, but a young boy, Itachi, who stowed away on board was left in the cockpit with M1. Unable to stop, the Inazuma 1 collided with a bulldozer and two buildings, destroying it in the proceess. Itachi, hiding inside the Inazuma's heat and shock-resistant safe, and M1 managed to survive the Inazuma's destruction via the train's momentum shooting them into space in the crash. Both the safe and M1 were last seen spinning in Earth's orbit. Observing the beauty of the planet below him, M1 spoke directly to humanity for the first time with the words "I am a Seagull". The Underground Super Express Goes West


  • Voice actor: Masao Nakasone
  • M1's final words, "I am a Seagull" is a reference to the words spoken by cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova as she viewed the Earth from space during the Vostok 6 space flight.
  • In original concept sketches, M1 was to appear along side a more insect like M2. A small model of M2 has surfaced as of late.
  • M1 appeared in a Gaki no Tsukai 'No Laughing Earth Defence Force' as a small robotic toy that danced to AKB48's song "I Want You". An X-Plus of the figure and a photo of the monster appeared as well.
  • It is said M1's face greatly resembles comedian Masatoshi Hamada.
    • The "M" in the name also stands for "Masatoshi".
    • A year later, in Gaki No Tsukai's No Laughing Detectives, during the Don't Get Scared segment, M1 makes a full appearance, as 'Hamada Entrance'. Hamada's signature laughter was played over a recorder as M1 walked into the scene.
      • The M1 suit was reused from Ultra Zone and Ultraman X, but has lights in its eyes.
  • In an unrealized script, M1 teams with a Cicada Human to fight Gorgos.
  • For the documentary on Eiji Tsuburaya, Father of Ultra Q, M1 along with Ragon interviewed Old Man Tsuburaya with voices placed over them moving their mouthes.

Ultraman X

M1 was originally an artificial being created by humanity years ago. However, it was deemed a failure and jettisoned into space, orbiting the Earth. Due to this, M1 grew disgusted of humanity and believed that coexistence between humanity and other lifeforms was impossible.

In the present, when Ultraman X was fighting EX Gomora, M1 intervened, shrinking X down and trapping him in a sealed conical flask, as M1 wanted to see humanity's reaction towards Gomora without X interfering. Seeing Asuna's determination in wanting Gomora to come to its senses without offensive means, M1 released X back to Earth. He decided to observe humanity again, finally having faith in coexistence. Living Together


  • Voice actor: Shozo Iizuka
  • According to Tsuburaya's official blog, this M1 is indeed the same figure from Ultra Q.
    • However, considering that the oldest monster attack in The World Where The Ultra Flare Occurred is Demaaga, followed by the Ultra Flare and eventually Ultraman X being the only known Ultra to arrive on that Earth, this M1 may be simply just had the same history from its Ultra Q incarnation, with other monster attacks in his early days of existence were omitted.
  • His development in intelligence and ESP-based abilities is a result of his aging and long-time observation of the Earth.
  • M1 was proposed with many backgrounds and hideouts for the scene where he kidnapped X and observed EX Gomora's rampage. In the end, the study table with multiple lab apparatus won.
  • His jet black-colored eyes were meant to symbolize him having become the "ultimate life form".

Ultraman Z

M1 Z.png

M1 is a lifeform created by Ruri Inaba, who's body cell is potentially beneficial in the medical field. A rival organization tries to kidnap M1, but the creature grew into a towering monster after being slammed onto a generator box. In order to neutralize M1's rampage, King Joe fired the tranquilizer dart, putting M1 to sleep. STORAGE decided to help Ruri by creating a formula capable of shrinking M1 back to normal size, despite Director Kuriyama's insistence on killing it. Hebikura agreed to this, however noted that killing M1 is an obligatory if it reaches 1,000 meters away from the populated area.

8 AM in the next morning, STORAGE members attempted various operations to distract M1 before it reaches the city, including the use of banana aroma, rugby double tackle, tug-of-war capture operation and finally the maintenance crewmembers performing kumi daiko performance. The shrink serum was finished, with Bako volunteering himself for the job. Haruki transforms into Ultraman Z Beta Smash and did few wrestling moves to keep M1 away. Transforming into Delta Rise Claw, the Beliarok unleashes Deathcium Claw to restrain M1 as Bako uses King Joe as a platform to launch the shrink serum through his bazooka. M1 shrinks down into orignal size and made it out safely and reunited with Ruri, the latter thanking her father. To Care and What Lies Beyond


  • This is the first time M1 fights an Ultra Warrior.


Ultra Q M1 render.png

  • Height: 2 m, 40 m (Enlarged)
  • Weight: 180 kg, 21,000 t (Enlarged)
  • Origin: Accidental experiment (Ultra Q)
    National Institute of Biological Sciences (Z)
Powers and Weapons
  • Outer Space Adaptation: M1 can survive in a cold and airless outer space region.
Ultraman X
  • Teleportation: M1 can easily teleport anyone he desired simply by snapping his fingers.
  • Size Manipulation: M1 can reduce the size of his target and revert it to normal.
  • Ability Nullification: M1 can nullify his target's abilities, which allows him to trap Ultraman X in one of his test tubes.
  • Screen Projection: M1 can project a holographic screen to view any events on the Earth.
Ultraman Z
  • Cellular Regeneration: M1's main ability is his rapid regeneration, and his body is able to repair damage dealt to it in very little time.
    • Enlargement: Exposure to electricity will cause M1 to grow to a gigantic size.
  • Herculean Strength[1]: In his giant size, M1 is capable of battling opponents of comparable size in a hand-to-hand fight.

Other Media

Ultra Zone

M1 in Ultra Zone


M1 returns in episode 7 of the variety show, Ultra Zone. It is confirmed, unlike Kemur and Ragon, that he is the same M1 from the original Ultra Q. He was floating in space until a voice awoke him, and he flew to Earth.



Ultra Q

Birth of Ultraman

Ultra Zone

Ultraman X

Ultraman Z



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