Corona (left) and Luna (right)
Corana left Luna right
Human Host/Form: Blast
Several Partial/Temporary hosts
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Presumably Ancient
Home world: Unknown (Another Genesis Universe)
Voice actor(s): None
Suit actor(s): None
First Appearance: TBA
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Appearances: TBA
Race: Ultra (both)
Status: Fused with Blast
Family: None
Affiliation: Blast

Though two characters, they are both the Another Genesis counterparts to Ultraman Cosmos. They exists as opposites of each other, as they are manifestations of opposing forces, yet the two cannot exist without the other.

Title: Light of Reason (Luna)

Title: Light of Instinct (Corona)


Two beings representing Reason and Instinct, they are never far from the other, their shared desire is to be whole, a complete being, to that end they offer their power to any worthy being they meet, a choice between the Light of Reason or Instinct. However, the two can never stray from each other and thus even their mergers with others cannot complete them.

Sometime in the past they encountered Mirror Master and offered him a choice. The giant chose Corona, due to his nature as a spectral intelligence that relied on instinct and thus changing his physical nature and appearance. Later, Ultraman Tiga, a servant of the villain Mirror Master, chose Luna and turned to the side of good rebelling against his dark master. Some centuries afterwards they encountered Blast and offered him the same choice they offered everyone else. Unlike the others Blast choose both for he did not believe any being was devoid of either good or evil and the two got their wished and merged with him.

With Blast's seeming death at the hands of a possessed Ultraman, their fate is uncertain.

Techniques and Weapons

  • Bestowing of Power: Both beings can bestow their power onto others, this is most likely done by partially merging with the being. Luna presumably bestowed morality and psychic powers, Corona would thus bestow violent tendencies and physical might.



  • Their relationship is based on Cosmos' two original forms, Luna Mode and Corona Mode. Luna Mode techniques were for a peaceful solution to a conflict, while Corona Mode was a battle form. They are also based on the concept of Ying and Yang
  • Interestingly their natures imply they are avatars of the two aspects of what is described as the Light of Nature, the power that resides in the Shards of the Kingdom of Light and Ultras. The light of instinct is said to reside in monsters created by the shard, which implies Ultras bare the Light of Reason. It is interesting to note that in the original continuity, Ultras and monster both are implied to have both come from the Plasma Spark.
  • Corona's changing of a being's appearance/form after bestowing them his powers is similar to Chaos Header, Ultraman Cosmos' nemesis (later friend), which would infect an organisms and turn them into brutish and violent monsters.
  • Luna's appearance is similar to the Cosmos' when he first met Musashi after his battle in with Baltan and was left weakened. This 'defeated' was shown again in the series just before he gained Eclipse mode.
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