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Lumina Igaguri (伊賀栗ルミナ Igaguri Rumina) is one of the side characters in Ultraman Geed. She is the wife of Leito and the mother of Mayu.


Lumina was first seen in episode 3, waiting for Leito to return home as she prepared dinner. Lumina told Leito their daughter has asleep when he arrived. As Leito would use his work as an excuse in order to transform into Ultraman Zero, Lumina was secretly aware of her husband's identity as an Ultraman, but choose to hide it.

In episode 20, Lumina was seen talking with her friends about Star Bem Gyeron returning every day at 10 am even though Geed/Zero destroyed everyday. Lumina also allowed Mayu to practice locking up the house. Though she had warned Mayu not to collected anything foreign outside, Mayu had collected an unknown blue jewel, which was the remains of said Kaiju.

In episode 24, Lumina celebrated Mayu's birthday with Leito, she received a gift from her husband. When Leito is about to leave and fight Belial Atrocius as Zero, Lumina bid farewell to him along with Mayu and wishing him good luck. She and Mayu was temporary held hostage by Kei until Laiha came and saved the both of them. After Leito was hospitalized from being critically injured after Zero delivers the neutralization enzyme at the cost of his life, Mayu and Lumina rushes to the hospital and stay by Leito's side until his recovery. After Zero separated from Leito shortly after the battle with Belial, Lumina bid farewell to Zero along with her family as the Ultra left Earth with the restored Ultimate Aegis.