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Lullaby of the Migrating Monster (渡り鳥怪獣の子守歌 Wataridori Kaijū no Komori Uta lit. Lullaby of the Migrating Bird Monster) is the twenty-eighth episode of Ultraman 80.


A young egg crashes to earth and the baby things Takeshi is its mother. But what is happening to the others of its race?


Multiple meteorites are seen in the sky, and UGM detects objects in the airspace above. Several meteors crash to earth and the team deploys to investigate, and finds the meteorites are really the burnt remains of a monster. Meanwhile, a monster egg is found. Takeshi and another UGM member find the gigantic egg, and one seals off the area while Takeshi watches it. It hatches into Baru. It begins to imitate Takeshi, thinking him a parent or something.

The captain gives orders for the monster to be contained. Professor Jouno reveals that a herd of Baru is migrating across the universe as they do once every ten years, and that they are docile creatures. He also says the young Baru imprinted on Yamato.

Yamato and Emi go to visit the baby. Later, more Baru remains fall to earth causing much damage. Professor Jouno says the Barus are likely being preyed on by a Zakira, the bird monsters' natural predator. UGM deploys in the Space Mammy. The find the Zakira preying upon the monsters. They discover that it grows stronger with each innocent space bird it eats and may plan to attack earth. They then go to train.

More monster remains crash down. Zakira begins to head towards earth. They attack it in space, but everyone except Takeshi is knocked out by its eyebeams. Takeshi sets the ship to autopilot and transforms. Zakira lands on earth and advances towards the young Baru, but 80 stops it with a flying kick. They battle outside the infant's pen, and 80 is unable to defeat the kaiju.

Seeing 80 easily thrown about, Baru breaks out of his cage and attacks. He defends the unconscious 80, when Zakira gets a grip on his neck. 80 manages to get up, and attacks Zakira, who throws the limp Baru aside. Infuriated, 80 quickly defeats the predator. Takeshi bids goodbye to the dead Val. The episode ends.






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  • Ultraman 80 Volume 7 features 25-28.
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