Love and King Joe (恋するキングジョー Koi Suru Kingu Jō) is the 14th episode of Ultraman Max.


Four space fighters have landed on earth, and a man finds his robot completed. Meanwhile, Alien Zetton has been visiting his daughter...


Replacements are dispatched for the four satellites that were destroyed in the last episode, and the search for the four alien fighters begins, however, it is Kaito's day off. Koba, Sean and Mizuki deploy, when they are attacked by an unknown flying object. The DASH leaders theorize it is a doing of the Zettonian alien, still at large after the defeat of Zetton. The object vanishes in a cloud of smoke with the writing King Joe on it.

Kaito goes to see Natsumi at her daycare, the children are being entertained by a robot called King Joe. The data is fed to DASH. Mizuki is infuriated at seeing Kaito on an apparent date, but the professor reveals it is a ploy: the Natsumi that infiltrated DASH was the Zettonian in disguise, and Kaito is there to defend the girl.

Ken, the creator of the robot, tells Kaito that during the night the construction was finished for him. Kaito discovers it is composed of four parts which can come apart at will. Natsumi discovers Kaito's reason for coming out.

That night, the Zettonian orders Natsumi to kill Kaito. When she refuses, he possesses her. In the morning, King Joe flies out of Ken's control. It splits into four parts and flies off. They defeat DASH Mother and grow giant in the city, and King Joe begins its rampage. Kaito runs to attack, but Natsumi tells him that Zettonians can break up and re-crystallize: the four that vanished were the Alien Zetton. She then flies into King Joe and pilots it. Kaito transforms.

The robot and Max battle, but the ultra is outmatched until he summons the Max Galaxy. He manages to break Natsumi out of her trance, and she abandons the mecha. Max easily destroys it, but when untransformed the Zettonian calls him and Natsumi into the Zetton Zone. He orders her to destroy him, but instead she kills the alien.






  • This is King Joe's first appearance since Heisei Ultraseven (King Joe II) as himself.

DVD and USA Release

  • Ultraman Max Volume 4 features episodes 11-14.
  • The episode was premiered in American television on TOKU on March 7, 2017
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