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Long Neck (ロングネック Rongu Nekku) is a sauropod-like Kaiju that appeared in Fireman episode 16.

Subtitle: Long Neck Monster (長頸怪獣 Chōkei Kaijū)



Long Neck was an artificial dinosaur created by the Alien Atla to aid in their plan to slay Fireman. It was originally just an amoeba-like creature, but from the alien's commands, it became a dinosaur. The monster was first used to scare a pair of kids near the lake it was hiding in. While one escaped to inform the Scientific Attack Force, the other was kidnapped by the Alien Tran and brainwashed to assassinate Misaki. After the Scientific Attack Force dropped a radar buoy into the lake, Long Neck rose up to attack them. Before Misaki could transform into Fireman, the brainwashed girl stole the Fire Stick and ran off with it. Due to the change of plans Long Neck was briefly ordered back into the lake until the Scientific Attack Force located the Alien Atla's saucer. Long Neck used its mouth flames to take down a plane which quickly became submerged underwater. Long Neck was then assaulted by their car while the saucer retreated in a nearby forest. Infuriated, Long Neck attack a nearby village, causing wanton destruction.

After Misaki regained his Fire Stick he transformed into Fireman. The hero quickly grabbed Long Neck by the neck and slammed his head to the ground only to be knocked back. The artificial dinosaur then split his tail and used it to ensnare and throw Fireman around. Fireman then tied the split tail around Long Neck's neck and wailed on him continuously. After Long Neck was thrown, Fireman had to leave the fight to retrieve the members of Scientific Attack Force trapped underwater which was detected by the radar buoy placed in the lake earlier. After the hero rescued them, Long Neck managed to untie his tail and proceed with his rampage. Fireman returned, soon chopping off the monster's tail with a karate chop. Long Neck grabbed Fireman by the head and threw him followed by the hero kicking him toward the lake with great force. The battle ended when Fireman used his Fire Flash to blow Long Neck to pieces.



  • Height: 123 m
  • Weight: 40,000 t
  • Origin: Alta Star
Powers and Weapons
  • Adept Swimmer: Being from a lake, Long Neck can swim at moderate speeds.
  • Flames: Long Neck is capable of spewing red hot flames from his mouth.
  • Tail: The massive beast possesses a tail that is prehensile.


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