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"I’m not… I’m not there… it’s me… I’m not there!"

―Yamazaki realizing the painful truth.

Living Brain (リビングブレイン Ribingu Burein) is a human brain that appeared in Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

Years ago, a child named Jun Yamazaki (山崎純 Yamazaki Jun) died in an accident during his class' summer holiday. His father tried to keep him alive placed his brain in a container of wires and projected a virtual world so Yamazaki could experience a full life. To keep this as a secret, he rewrote the boy's memory into thinking that it was his friend Yoichiro whom had died not him.

Decades later in the virtual world, one morning, an old Yamazaki woke up and felt something was different. He went to work at the barbershop as usual and began talking to a customer. He soon recognized the customer was Yoichiro, one of his classmates from elementary school. However, Yamazaki remembered Yoichiro had died in an accident when they were children. He visited his classmates who were with him at the time of the accident, but they all unanimously confirmed that Yoichiro had died that day. Returning home, Yamazaki opened his old yearbook. Due to the accident, whoever died that day should be absent from their summer school photos. Yoichiro was there. All his friends were there but the only person missing was him, making him finally realized the lie world that he's been living in.


  • Actor:
    • Old Yamazaki: Yoshimasa Kondo
    • Jun Yamazaki: Jotaro Koike


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Young Yamazaki's dead body → Thought experiment lab
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