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Lishurian (リシュリア星人 Rishuria Seijin lit. "Alien Lishuria")[1] is a critically endangered race of aliens from Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, with a member of them, Ignis being one of the main characters of the series. While appearing similar to humans, their true appearance shows whenever they got excited.


Pre-Ultraman Trigger

Not much to be known regarding the Lishurians, in that they lived peacefully in their home planet. 100 years prior, Hudram was awakened earlier than his fellow Giants of Darkness and destroyed the entire planet and its civilians, leaving a traumatized Ignis as a sole survivor.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Main article: Ignis

Although the destruction of Lishuria and its people is a common knowledge, Ignis' survival means that the galaxy at least assumed that the alien race had been extinct. Ignis went on to become a treasure hunter ever since that incident, making himself known on Earth and eventually reuniting with Hudram. Seeing Ultraman Trigger's demonstration of power, Ignis made it his goal to defeat Hudram in hopes of avenging his race.


  • In episode 17, the Lishurians in Ignis' flashbacks are portrayed by Keichi Matsubayashi, Hiroshi Itō, Chihisa Katō and Nanae Nishitani.
  • Judging by Ignis' age alone, it is possible that 10 years in Lishurian culture is an equivalent to a year in human age.


  • Height: Human
  • Weight: Human
Powers and Weapons

  • Teleportation: Lishurians can teleport by crossing their arms.
  • Energy Blast: Lishurians can fire blasts of green energy from their hands.
  • Energy Wave: Lishurians can cross their arms to generate energy waves that are strong enough to push back and knock out humans.

  • Technical Skills: At the very least, Ignis has a small range of technical knowledge, having done so to expose the weakness of Satandelos, trespassing into Akito's computer and fixing the failed Sparklence prototype.
  • Grenade: While charging into Satandelos' shield, Ignis briefly holds a grenade to destroy the robot's shield generator.
  • Black Sparklence (ブラックスパークレンス Burakku Supākurensu): Ignis' Transformation Item. Originally failed GUTS Sparklence prototype that Akito discarded. Ignis stole it from the Nursedessei and modified it into its current form.
  • GUTS Hyper Keys: Ignis' collectibles, the one representing Trigger Dark is used to transform into the Ultra in conjunction with the Black Sparklence.
  • Data Conversion: Ignis transfers Trigger Dark's essence into his stolen GUTS Sparklence and Blank Key, turning them into the Black Sparklence and Trigger Dark Key.


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