Linda Hardisty (リンダ・ハーディスティー Rinda Hādisutī born Linda Lee Hardisty) was an American who worked in Japan as an actress and English teacher.


Born in Boise, Idaho, Linda became an international student in Sophia University, Japan. In 1967, she made a guest appearance as Dorothy Anderson in Ultraseven and on the following year guest appeared in Key Hunter as Elena (episode 1) and the Japan/US joint movie Green Slime as an unnamed nurse. She obtained a Bachelor's degree in English from the Boise State College in 1970, but is stated to have lived in Japan for several years, teaching English to Japanese students.

Death and postmortem

Linda settled her life in Battleground, Washington for three years and passed away at the age of 39 years old in August 29, 1986 from natural cause. Her remains were cremated there and survived through her mother and three other sisters.

In 2015, Yuriko Hishimi tried to find Linda's current status before discovering it in a Boise State College yearbook photo.

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