Lilika (リリカ Lilika) is an alien girl who appeared in Ultraman Max.


Ultraman Max

At one point a monster named Luganoger destroyed her planet. As she tried to flee, the monster tailed her to her destination planet, Earth. Two months after her arrival, Lilika started her new life as a citizen on Earth and took the job of a babysitter at an orphanage. One day, she was searching for a missing boy and found him unconcious. She used her healing ability which caused DASH to detect her energy reading as Mizuki and Kaito were sent to investigate. Lilika revealed everything to Kaito about her history and that she felt that Luganoger is closer to Earth and felt remorse due to her arrival made it came. With DASH also sensed the arrival, Mizuki and Kaito ordered everyone from the orphanage to evacuate. DASH was quick to oppose the monster, but Luganoger's armored chest and electric bolts was more than enough protection from their assaults. After Luganoger endangered a group of children who were trying to evacuate his rampage, Kaito Touma quickly transformed into Ultraman Max and proceeded to save the children and battle with Ruganoga. After first Max had the upper hand in battle against Luganoger, but the tides quickly turned once Luganoger used his stinger on Max to absorb his energy. After a brief intervention from DASH, Max was able to find an opening in Luganoger's armor and ultimately managed to destroy the evil monster with the Max Galaxy. Lilika thanked Kaito and whispering the name Ultraman Max on his hear, implied that she had known his alias as the hero.


  • Lilika was eventually able to sense Kaito's identity as Ultraman Max due to the Ultra essence in his body.


  • Height: 1.6 m
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Origin: Planet S-851
Powers and Weapons
  • Heal: Lilika and her species can heal injuries by emitting a spark of light from their hand at the wounded area.
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