Life in the Resurrection (取り戻す命 Torimodosu Inochi) is the ninth episode of Ultraman Ginga S. This episode also pay tribute to the original Ultraman vs Bemular.


Finally Ultraman Ginga S has started its second half! The meteor shower appeared again! Hikaru has taken a break from the UPG, and returns even more dashing than before. Steadily the eyes of Misuzu begin to reflect anxiety instead of her dream. It was then Android One Zero appeared before Misuzu after being abandoned by Alien Exceller. It was a fateful encounter! Translated Official Synopsis







Home Media

  • Ultraman Ginga S Volume 4 features episodes 9-11
  • Ultraman Ginga S Blu-Ray Box II features episodes 9-16.


  • Ultraman Ginga as the red ultra mirror the original Ultraman when he battle Bemular.
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