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Leyrah Ibra (ライラー イブラ Rairā Ibura) is a member of Leyrah and an antagonist of Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z, acting as their figurehead while their true leader, Zabil, slips into TPU and GUTS-Select.


Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

Two years after the destruction of Megalothor, Leyrah Ibra led his namesake cult into performing multiple intrusions of the Ultra Ancient ruins across the globe. He was captured by TPU intelligence officer Seiya Tatsumi and relays the crisis of Eternity Core and that Kengo's life is in danger. After both teams' temporary alliance, Leyrah was freed from his captivity by his fellow cultists and summons Pagos as a distraction to cover their escape.

The next morning, Leyrah manages to obtain Trigger Multi Type's key and was possessed by Celebro for an elaborate plan to get Haruki as its next host. Ibra was spared from being a sacrifice when Zabil transforms into Evil Trigger, but while escaping from the resulting conflict amongst the fleeing crowd, he was possessed by Celebro again to transform into Destrudos. Destrudos' defeat resulted with Ibra reverting to his human form, falling flat on Celebro. What happened to him later is currently unknown, as Himari had captured the alien parasite after Zabil's death.

Powers and Weapons

  • Monster Controller Device: A capsule-shaped device which emits signal that manipulates monster to Ibra's bidding. The monsters under his control were Pagos, Gazort, Genegarg and Deathdrago.
  • Destrudos Kaiju Medal/Canister: When possessed by Celebro, Ibra has a spherical canister which houses a Kaiju Medal pertaining to Destrudos. The device allows him to transform into said monster and upon destruction, reverting him to human.


  • Unlike Celebro's previous victims, Ibra is the first victim of Celebro's possession to be a willing target, as the parasite is a collaborator to his namesake cult.