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―Gen's henshin call

Leo Ring (レオリング Reo Ringu) is Ultraman Leo's Transformation Item.


The origins of the Leo Ring are unknown but it is known that it was with Gen/Leo when he first arrived on Earth. Since then he has used it whenever he needed to transform into his true form.In the last episode, Gen removed Leo Ring when he broke up with the Miyamas, but he didn't let go, but when he appeared in episode 34 of Ultraman Mebius, it was putting on his left ring finger again.


Gen waves his hands and performs a punching motion with his ring fist, holding the arm with his free arm. He then shouts 'Leo' and a bright light is emitted from the eyes from the lion image on the ring transforming him. Sometimes, Gen can also transform by placing his hands in the air similar to Hideki Go and shouts "Leo" before transforming. Other times Gen has transformed without saying a word but the word "Leo" could still be heard, implying he was saying it in his mind or it was there to be cinematic.


  • The Leo Ring is the first transformation item after the Beta Capsule not to use the word "Ultra" in its name.
    • It is also the first to use its owner's name.
  • This transformation item name is also known as The Lion's Eyes (獅子の瞳 Shishi no Hitomi).


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