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The Leo Nunchaku (レオヌンチャク Reo Nunchaku) is the first weapon of Ultraman Leo.


Ultraman Leo

It was created with the smoke stacks of a factory's chimney and Leo's psychokinesis. The weapon was rendered unusable after Alien Kettle destroyed the tops of the weapon with his spear. One Man Covered in Mud

Sevenger Fight

In the final episode of Sevenger Fight, Leo arrived to assist STORAGE's Sevenger (piloted by Yoko Nakashima) in against an army of monsters from his home series. As seen from his arrival, Leo utilized the Leo Nunchaku for the first time in 47 years. Sevenger Fight



  • An article of a Comic Rise Magazine for 2nd graders explained that Leo was originally planned to have a weapon like Ultraseven, whom Leo succeeds. The nunchaku was only ever used once however, and was eventually replaced with the Ultra Mantle as Leo's weapon.
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