Home world: None
First Appearance: Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire
Latest Appearance: Ultraman Geed episode 18 "Inheritor of the Dream"
Height: 53 m
Weight: 35,000 t
Category: Robot
Affiliation: Belial Galactic Empire
Brigantes (Transport ship)
Beatstar (Second master)
Dada (Hijacked model's pilot)
Dada Roar
(Dada Customize)

Legionoids (レギオノイド Regionoido also known as Regionoids) are machines that appeared in Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire.


  • Empire Machine Soldiers (帝国機兵 Teikoku Kihei)
  • Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar: Celestial Sphere Machine Soldiers (天球機兵 Tenkyū Tsukue-hei)


Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

Legionoids are one of the group of grunts in Kaiser Belial's galactic empire. They are numerous in number and are built for separate terrain locations.

The first batch of Legionoids revealed were Alphas, who were sent to harvest the Planet Esmeralda for emeralds for Ultraman Belial. Run and Nao, two brothers and rebels, tried to fend off the batch of Legionoids but were quickly overpowered and endangered by a newly-revealed volcano. Ultraman Zero arrives in time to save them, merge with Run, and destroy a few threatening Legionoids, but is forced to flee into hiding with Nao when his strength is spent.

After meeting and befriending Princess EmeranaJean-BotGlen Fire and The Pirates of Flames, the group is ambushed by a massive squadron of Legionoid Betas, lead by one of Kaiser Belial's generals: Darkgone. With the heroes outnumbered by the mass quantities of Legionoids, Glen Fire saves Ultraman Zero and company by agitating the Space Nitromethane Sea, which manages to destroy Darkgone's squadron of Legionoid Betas, but Darkgone himself escapes.

During the film's climax, when Arch Belial is preoccupied with the heroes, Glen Fire brings along the Pirates of Flame, as well as the Planet of Mirrors's army and Esmeralda's Royal Guard. The combined forces of each planet's army manage to fend off the vast armies of Legionoids. Ultimately after Arch Belial's death, Ultimate Zero uses his remaining power to destroy his ship, taking a vast majority of Legionoids with it.


  • The Legionoids are possibly based on the Fireman robot Baranda V.
  • Legionoids were originally named Grandrills (グランドリル Gurandoriru).

Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar

Legionoid beatstar

Gomora vs. Legionoid Beta

Legionoids reappeared in the gaiden.

In part one of the gaiden, the first Legionoid to be seen is a Legionoid Beta, who is attacking a defenseless Princess Emerana. Rei and Hyuga of ZAP SPACY arrive and Rei saves Emerana by calling out Gomora. Gomora easily pummels the Legionoid and eventually destroys it with his Super Oscillatory Wave.

In part two of the gaiden, it is revealed that an entire army of Mass Legionoids, Alpha and Beta types, have been created by Beatstar in his plans for Universal Conquest. Ultimately once Beatstar was destroyed, the Legionoid armies were destroyed in the planet's destruction.

Ultraman Saga

Legionoids reappeared in the film.

Early in the film, a leftover squadron of Legionoids (both Alpha and Beta) were seen attacking Ultraman Zero on an asteroid belt. Fortunately, Ultraman Zero managed to destroy the squadron with ease with the Ultimate Aegis.

Ultraman Retsuden

An army of Legionoids appeared at the beginning of episode 150 of New Ultraman Retsuden. The armada is confronted by Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Leo. They are defeated with ease mostly with a combination of the Ultra Zero Kick and the Leo Kick, while the remaining ones are defeated with a combination of the Wide Zero Shot and the Shooting Beam.

Ultraman Geed


Dada in the Legionoid's cockpit.

A new Legionoid variant appears in this series, in the form of Legionoid Dada Customize (レギオノイドダダ・カスタマイズ Regionoido Dada Kasutamaizu).

A Dada stole the robot from Belial's forces and customized it in an attempt to kill Kei Fukuide and take over the universe afterwards, explaining his intent to avenge his deceased comrades (including the one that Kei killed before). He summoned it while his target was vulnerable but was instead pursued by Ultraman Zero into space. The Ultra and robot fought before the former flew them both back to Earth, but fortunately for the robot, Zero reached his time limit as he hit the ground. Once again the robot targeted Kei, but ended up destroyed when the Alien Sturm summoned Zaigorg.


  • The Legionoid being a major remodeling of the original base model is a reference to Dada's own motif being Dadaism, a major art movement which expresses anti-war politics through anti-art cultural works. Two of the main hallmarks of Dadaism as an art movement is the use of collage and re-using existing objects and products in said collage artworks - This explains how this Legionoid was customized with the addition of Dada's markings and regular arms.
  • Not only is this the first time any type of Legionoid has arrived and battled on Earth, but also the first to defeat an Ultra and instead be killed by a kaiju.
  • This Legionoid's main base model is Legionoid Beta, due to possessing boosters below its feet. Its status as a customized and stolen minion-class mecha parallels that of the Gundam franchise, where theft of mobile suits are frequent cases, especially when said robber modified it to resemble their own likeness.
  • This Legionoid emits the same "Dada!" noise as its own pilot.
  • The mark on its forehead is the same one that appeared in Dada's cubicle from episode 17 of Ultraman X.
  • This is the first time a Legionoid has had actual arms with hands.
    • Said arms were modified from the Legionoid's reviver, Beatstar.


Alpha (α)

Legionoid Alpha

  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Origin: Brigantes
Powers and Weapons
  • Legio Beam (レギオビーム Regio Bīmu): Legionoid Alphas can fire pink lasers from their Visors.
  • Double Arm Drill (ダブルアームドリル Daburu Āmu Doriru): Legionoid Alphas possess drill attachments on their hands that are used for mining, as well as being capable weapons in melee combat.
  • Feet Treads: When locked on a fast moving target, Legionoid Alphas can boost their speed by activating Treads at the bottom of their feet.

Beta (β)

Legionoid Beta

  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Origin: Brigantes
Powers and Weapons
  • Legio Beam (レギオビーム Regio Bīmu): Legionoid Betas can fire pink lasers from their Visors.
  • Legionoid Gun Beam (レギオノイドガンビーム Regionoido Gan Bīmu): Legionoid Betas possess gun attachments on their hands that can fire red energy beams and blasts. They are capable weapons in space combat.
  • Rocket Boosters: Being space based variations, Legionoid Betas can boost their speed by activating Rockets in their leg region.

Dada Customize

Legionoid Dada Customize

  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 36,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Dada
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Legionoid can fly by using rockets embedded in its body and feet.
  • High Tune Legio Beam (ハイチューン・レギオビーム Hai Chūn Regio Bīmu): Legionoid can fire teal lasers from its Visor.
  • Hyper Legio Arm (ハイパーレギオアーム Haipā Regio Amu): This Legionoid's right hand can swap between Alpha's drills and Beta's guns.
    • Drill (ドリル Doriru): A drill which was inherented from Legionoid Alpha, used for mining and melee combat.
      • Legio Drill Beam (レジオドリルビーム Regio Doriru Bīmu): A reddish-purple beam fired from the drill attachment.
    • Beam Gun (ビームガン Bīmu Gan): Beam cannons inherited from Legionoid Beta for space combat proficiency.
      • Legio Beam Bullet (レギオビームバレット Regio Bbīmu Baretto): Instead of firing concentrated lasers, the Dada Customize model unleashes teal energy bullets as ammunition.
  • Missiles: The robot's original ability, it launches a barrage of missiles from its shoulders.


Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar

Ultraman Retsuden

Ultraman Geed


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