Leaving My Home Planet Earth (ふるさと地球を去る Furusato chikyū o saru) is the 25th episode of Return of Ultraman.


Concrete materials flew away at a construction site. At the same time, a mysterious crustal movement happened in Aino Village, where the concrete materials were made. It turns out that there is an island-sized meteorite from Planet Zagoras buried under the village, and the village is pulled out by the gravity force caused by the approach of the planet! Worst of all, the meteorite monster Zagoras appeared.


Guest Stars

  • Susumu (進 Susumu): Yoshiyuki Fujie (藤江喜幸 Fujie Yoshiyuki)
  • Police Chief (警察署長 Keisatsu Shochō) Fumito Matsuo (松尾文人 Matsuo Fumito)
  • Construction Engineer (建築技師 Kenchiku Gishi): Shigeru Tsuji (辻しげる Tsuji Shigeru)
  • MAT Geological Survey Team Leader (MAT地質調査班長 Matto Chishitsu Chōsa Hanchō): Koda Munemaru (幸田宗丸 Munemaru Kōda)

Suit Actors




Home Media

  • Return of Ultraman Volume 7 features episodes 25-28.
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