The League of Darkness (暗黒軍団ダークネス Dākunesu lit. Dark Army) was an antagonist team which first appears in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes.


Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

The group was gathered by Ultraman Tregear to attack the New Generation Heroes in order to create Darkness Copies of the Ultras through Ultra Dark-Killer's Killer Plasma. After gathering in the Dark Palace on Planet Tenebris, they were confronted by Tregear for ignoring his orders. Following this, Ultra Dark-Killer lured the New Generation Hero's to the Minus Energy filled planet and the two sides began to battle. While the rest of the New Generation Heroes left behind and emerged victorious in against their counterparts, Ultraman Ruebe manages to score a killing blow towards Zero Darkness and seemingly killing Dark-Killer to save both Ultraman Zero and Ultrawoman Grigio. The group is disbanded after Dark-Killer is destroyed.



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