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Larugeus (ラルゲユウス Rarugeyūsu) are critically endangered carnivorous giant birds that first appeared in Ultra Q.


  • Normal: Ancient Monster Bird (古代怪鳥 Kodai Kaichō)
  • Shin: Hostile Giant Unknown Lifeform No.4 - Flying S-Class Species (敵性巨大不明生物第4号 飛翔禍威獣 Kyodai Fumei Seibutsu Dai-yongō - Hishō Kaijū)


Ultra Q

Larugeus is an exceedingly rare species of ancient bird, with examples of it in the fossil record dating back to Earth's most recent ice age. Capable of growing to incredible sizes, a flock of Larugeus appeared in Japan in the present day, and began looking for food, even going as far as to eat all the animals in a zoo. One of its members attacked a local zoo as well as eat some of their livestock. The zoo keeper was mortally wounded by the attack, and simply said that he “saw a bird” in his dying breath. Later, the townspeople come to find a large, possibly ancient ship among their seas.

Once in the boat, they found Larugeus in his finch form and tried to take him back to the village. The bird attacked and their ship started to break apart, and Larugeus escaped. A little boy named Saburo then found the bird and took him in as a pet. But once Larugeus started to prey on the villages chickens, the villagers took it away from the boy and trapped it in a cage. In anger, Larugeus grew to an gigantic size, escaped from the cage and flew away, as Saburo waved goodbye to him.


Bat wings.

  • In some models and even artworks, Larugeus is portrayed with bat-like wings.
  • In episode 1 of Ultraman Orb, Larugeus' shadow was used to depict a photography of Maga-Basser by a civilian. This is a part of the easter egg of the series in tributes to the 50th anniversary of the Ultraman Series.

Shin Ultraman

Larugeus in Shin Ultraman.

Larugeus appeared as one of the many S-Class Species that started emerging all over Japan, and was seen flying through the grounds of Kumamoto Castle, damaging buildings and sending clouds of debris into the air with each beat of its wings. Notably, Larugeus managed to escape before it could be met by any form of opposition, and through use of an undescribed stealth technique, had yet to be seen again by the time Ultraman arrived on Earth.


  • The castle that Larugeus flies near is the same one that the original did back in Ultra Q.


Larngeus X-Plus-.png
  • Height: 7 cm ~ 50 m
  • Weight: 300 kg ~ 15,000 t
  • Wingspan: 100 m
  • Origin: Planet Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Disguise: When not hungry or enraged, Larugeus can take on the form of a small bird that is almost identical in appearance to a Java sparrow.


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