Lady of the Blue Fire (青い火の女 Aoi Hi no On'na) is the thirty-third episode of Ultraman Mebius.


Teppei's senior in university, Takamura requested his help in saving his sister Misa from a "spiritual influence". The whole incident started since a week prior when a hitodama suddenly possessed her and caused a random combustion within her vicinity whenever Misa experienced a panic attack, such example demonstrated towards a so-called psychic medium. Misa since then was under the care of Teppei and the rest of the Crew GUYS members.

A blue monster suddenly appeared from a hitodama but disappeared before it managed to attack the oil refinery. Konomi identified the monster as Femigon from Document MAT and Teppei finally pieced it all together with Misa's incident, but the patient suddenly sported the same shoulder injury with said monster. Teppei recounted the same incident and how Ultraman Jack separated the space monster from its host, but unfortunately, this is not the same as before, since Femigon's injuries can also be translated to Misa and defeating it would risk the host as well.

"Both GUYS and doctors are in the business of protecting lives. I heard you said that to your mother. But even great doctors can't save everybody. Sometimes they have to face some sad results. Even so, it didn't cause your father to quit being a doctor. Why is that? No matter what the result may be, you don't give up and do your best. That's what protecting human life is all about."


Femigon rampages again and consuming the flames it started from the burning oil complex. Neither GUYS nor Mebius were willing to attack the monster. Mebius was provoked into firing the Mebium Shoot in order to protect the trapped victims but stopped when Teppei pleaded to and Femigon retaliated before retreating. The next day, Sakomizu decided to advise Teppei of his indecision to save Misa with the general trouble faced by doctors when it comes to patients that they failed to save. After reconciling with his team members, Teppei was finally able to construct the Spirit Separator, a device that can be used with Mebius' Mebium Shoot to exorcise Femigon from Misa. The monster at that same moment regained possession of Misa and resumed its rampage. Mebius dealt with and held Femigon at the oil complex for Teppei to fire with his creation before the Mebium Shoot followed in suit.

Misa returned to normal the next day but lost her memories of being possessed and her times with Teppei. Although saddened by this reveal, the doctor-in-training decided to remain devoted to his job at all costs.


  • Mirai Hibino (ヒビノ・ミライ Hibino Mirai): Shunji Igarashi (五十嵐 隼士 Igarashi Shunji)
  • Ryu Aihara (アイハラ・リュウ Aihara Ryū): Masaki Nishina (仁科 克基 Nishina Masaki)
  • Marina Kazama (カザマ・マリナ Kazama Marina): Ai Saikawa (斉川 あい Saikawa Ai)
  • George Ikaruga (イカルガ・ジョージ Ikaruga Jōji): Daisuke Watanabe (渡辺 大輔 Watanabe Daisuke)
  • Konomi Amagai (アマガイ・コノミ Amagai Konomi): Misato Hirata (平田 弥里 Hirata Misato)
  • Teppei Kuze (クゼ・テッペイ Kuze Teppei): Kenta Uchino (内野 謙太 Uchino Kenta)
  • Shingo Sakomizu (サコミズ・シンゴ Sakomizu Shingo): Minoru Tanaka (田中 実 Tanaka Minoru)
  • Aide Toriyama (トリヤマ補佐官 Toriyama Hosakan): Kenichi Ishii (石井 愃一 Ishii Kenichi)
  • Secretary Aide Maru (マル補佐官秘書 Maru Hosakan Hisho): Yutaka Maido (まいど 豊 Maido Yutaka)
  • Yuki Misaki (ミサキ・ユキ Misaki Yuki): Saaya Ishikawa (石川 紗彩 Ishikawa Saaya)




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  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 9 features episodes 33-36.
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