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"Kam Tatahl Shadow. (May the Shadows rest in peace.)"


Kuruto (クルト) was an Alien Shadow who infiltrated AIB and becomes a temporary partner of Moa Aizaki.

Subtitle: Space Guerilla (宇宙ゲリラ Uchū Gerira)


Pre-Ultraman Geed

Kuruto was one of the Gabra Cano child soldiers, trained with iron fist by his drillmaster Zenna. When Belial's attack left Planet Shadow uninhabitable, Kuruto was separated from his own people and resorted to invade other planets to restore his former homeworld's glory. To that end, he trains to change facial expressions on his human form so as to deceive others and infiltrate enemy groups.

Ultraman Geed

On Earth, Kuruto and his two other subordinates reunite with Zenna but disappointed when he turned down the offer to invade Earth. Seeing that his teacher had forsaken his pride as a Shadow, Kuruto and his men captured him as he infiltrate the AIB. Meeting Moa, Kuruto took over Zenna's position as her partner as they went on undercover missions, among them apprehending an Alien Ckalutch.

"If you won't fight, then I will... I will restore glory to Planet Shadow!!"

―Kuruto before merging to Zegun

After using multiple combinations, Kuruto was able to unlock and obtain the Zegun Retriever Device that Zenna hid away, summoning the monster itself from the sea. After briefly fighting his former master, Kuruto controlled Zenna from within and fought Ultraman Geed and Zero before Zegun was teleported away from its own power.

Both him and Moa were teleported to a remote forest and the two truly bonds for real with their harsh training by Zenna. Facing his former drillmaster, Kuruto refused the offer of coexisting with other species, believing that he was too late to redeem himself and resume fighting as Zegun. Even the Ultras' pleading fail to reach him and this forced Geed and Zero to contain Zegun in a confinement barrier. Kuruto's last words were "Kam Tatahl Shadow" before approaching his death. What remains of him is the same device that he used to control Zegun as Zenna reclaim it from the explosion.


Powers and Weapons
  • Combat Strategy/Military Training: Since he is an Alien Shadow, Kuruto is an expert in martial arts, infiltration and guerrilla combat tactics. These are a result from his harsh training by Zenna, although the latter confirms that Kuruto still has much to learn. He also trained himself to change expressions and speak with his mouth as part of infiltration purposes.
  • Human Disguise: Kuruto can change his alien appearance to a human form. It was done through a device which emits holographic imagery that covers the intended parts (head and hands).
  • Pistol: The standard handgun of AIB agents.
  • Signal Interference Shroud (電波かく乱幕 Denpa Kakuran Maku): Being trained by Zenna, Kuruto can use a special device that allows him to cloak himself from radar detection.
  • Zegun Retriever Device: The Shadow race created a special ring/bracelet to keep Zegun within a different dimension. Zenna was in possession of it, wanting to dispose but later kept it should Belial arrive although Kuruto's interference made this impossible. The bracelet also allows their wearer to merge with and control Zegun but using it in a weakened body would cost them their own life.


  • His actor, Hiroki Suzuki also portrays Jan Kandou in Juken Sentai Gekiranger. His appearance in Geed unintentionally becomes the milestone celebration of said show for its 10th year anniversary.
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