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Kunio Suzuki (鈴木 邦夫 Suzuki Kunio) is a former Japanese actor and suit actor.

Kunio Suzuki played several monsters in Ultraman and Ultraseven, working in the more risky scenes for suit actors, which dealt with explosions and fire hazards.


Suit acting

Year Title Role Notes
1966 Ultraman Aboras Episode 19 "Demons Rise Again"
Kemular Episode 21 "Breach the Wall of Smoke"
Telesdon Episode 22 "Overthrow the Surface"
Red King II Episode 25 "Mystery Comet Tsuifon"
Gomora Episode 26 "The Prince of Monsters: Part 1"
Episode 27 "The Prince of Monsters: Part 2"
Dada Episode 28 "Human Specimens 5 & 6"
Woo Episode 30 "Phantom of the Snow Mountains"
Zumbolar Episode 32 "The Endless Counterattack"
Seabozu Episode 35 "The Monster Graveyard"
Zaragas Episode 36 "Don't Shoot, Arashi!"
Kaiju Booska Booska
1967 Ultraseven Eleking Episode 3 "The Secret of the Lake"
Alien Icarus Episode 10 "The Suspicious Neighbor"
Alien Bell Episode 18 "Escape Space X"
Gabura Episode 23 "Search for Tomorrow"
Windom Episode 24 "Return to the North!"
Miclas Episode 25 "Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero"
Star Bem Gyeron Episode 26 "Super Weapon R-1"
Alien Borg Episode 27 "Operation Cyborg"
Dinosaur Tank Episode 28 "The 700 Kilometer Run!"
Alien Platic Episode 30 "For Whom Takes the Glory"
Agira Episode 32 "The Wandering Planet"
Alien Zamppa Episode 35 "Horror on the Moon"
Alien Pega Episode 36 "The 0.1 Second Kill"
Alien Perolynga Episode 45 "The Saucers Have Come"
Main parts


Year Title Role Notes
1966 Ultraman Defense Forces Episode 2 "Shoot the Invaders!"
Villager of Iida Village Episode 30 "For Whom Takes the Glory"
1967 Ultraseven Iwamiyama Cowboy B Episode 11 "Fly to the Mountain of Evil"
Search Team Member Episode 16 "The Eye That Shines in the Darkness"
Dump Truck Driver Episode 37 "The Stolen Ultra Eye"

Other Roles

Year Title Role Notes
1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla Sailor Taianmaru
1965 Frankenstein Conquers the World' Submarine Crew