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Kumagross (クマゴロス Kumagorasu) is a robot Kaiju that first appeared in episode 18 of Iron King.

Subtitle: Monster Robot (怪獣ロボット Kaijū Robotto)


Iron King

Down to their last robot, the Phantom Militia focused their assault on Tokyo once again. With incredible power and strength, the robotic monster was able to withstand Iron King’s might when Goro transformed. However, the titan of terror was soon overpowered. After being dealt a series of blows, Kumagross was ordered to retreat by its terroristic masters.

When the vile organization captured its primary enemies, they summoned the machine to trample them underfoot! Unfortunately for the terrorists, Gentaro got free and slashed the ropes restraining his friends. They managed to escape and soon Goro transformed into Iron King again! The hero challenged the mechanical menace, but Kumagross unleashed even more firepower than before. Utilizing its explosive flashes and tank, the juggernaut took Iron King to his limits. However, before he could finish Japan’s champion, Gentaro threw a grenade into the opening on its foot! Damaged, the monolith beat a hastily retreat with its tank following closely behind.

When Gentaro located and infiltrated the Phantom Militia’s secret base, Kumagross was dispatched again. Like before, it was quickly challenged by the mighty Iron King! Already damaged, the weapon stood little chance. The hero beat it to a pulp and unleashed a fiery beam upon it, obliterating the mechanical titan for good. At the same time, the final members of the Phantom Militia were destroyed, saving Japan from a bleak future at the hands of another terrorist group.


  • Height: 26 m
  • Weight: 31,700 t
  • Origin: Japan
Powers and Weapons
  • Rockets: Kumagross’ back is loaded with three, highly explosive rockets that it can fire whenever needed.
  • Explosive Flashes: By channeling energy into the plates on its chest, Kumagross can emit bright flashes of light capable of covering the landscape in front of it with explosions.
  • Missiles: Kumagross can launch dozens of missiles from the tip of its tail.
  • Tank: From its left foot, Kumagross can release a powerful tank that will aid it in battle.
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