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Kumagorus (クマゴラス Kumagorasu) is a Kaiju introduced in the series, Fireman episode 8.

Subtitle: Capsule Monster (カプセル怪獣 Kapuseru Kaijū)



In a pond close to a nearby city, chemicals were exposed the local wildlife at the microbial level. Among these included the plankton, two of which rapidly mutated in an adult and an infant monster known as Kumagorus. The infant Kumagorus lurked around a nearby apartment, casually blinding the local residents until Science Attack Force shot it with an explosive round. The adult was first spotted in a park, the ground opening up and frightening two teenage girls that were painting. The Science Attack Force spotted the adult after destroying the infant as it was going on a rampage. Misaki grabbed Kumagorus's attention by an aerial assault, but the blinding smoke got into his eyes, causing his plane to graze the monster and force a crash landing.

Misaki transformed into Fireman, still blinded by the smoke. Thanks to Kumagorus's constant screeching, Fireman was able to hold his own throughout the fight although as time wore on Kumagorus took advantage of the hero's handicap, soon gaining the upper hand. Thanks to his teleportation ability it was able to ambush Fireman, latching onto him. However, this was short lived as Fireman used two Fire Flashes to take out its eyes followed by throwing Kumagorus. A third and more powerful Fire Flash was used to blast the back of Kumagorus's head, killing the monster in seconds as its body began to burn.


  • Kumagorus is based on Twin Tail and the infant was portrayed by a reused Twin Tail stage show suit. However, some suggest that the infant was indeed a Twin Tail and that Kumagorus might have been a mutated version.
    • The Kumagorus suit is operated much like King Ginger, Twin Tail and Mukadender, in which the suit actor's arms operate the suit's tendrils.


  • Height: 67 m
  • Weight: 21,000 t
  • Origin: Plankton
Powers and Weapons
  • Blinding Smoke: From two vents near the top of his body, Kumagorus can fire a blinding smoke.
  • Teleport: Kumagorus can teleport short distances.
  • Whips: Located on the top of his body, Kumagorus has two long whips used for attacking and burrowing.
  • Head Horns: The adult Kumagorus is armed with two horns on the head ideal for goring enemies.



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