Kraakov NF-3000 (クラーコフNF-3000 Kurākofu NF-3000) is a mobile base of Super GUTS, used often for outer space missions. It was actively used as a large-scale research mobile base, a laboratory to study and help prevent climate change. This vehicle was mobile on land, in the sea, air and space and was armed with the Gyuvern Cannon (ギューベルン砲 Gyūberun-hō).


Ultraman Dyna

Sometime in Antarctica, the mecha itself had been taken over by Spume which proceeded to draw the TPC's artificial sun to Earth. The Kraakov Won't Surface! Part 1 The Vessel was freed by the efforts of Super GUTS. The Kraakov Won't Surface! Part 2

When TPC and Super GUTS retrieve a Sphire fragment from Pluto via Kraakov, the fragment assimilated with one of its Neo Maxima Engine, forcing them to eject it to Mount Rokkō, Osaka. The Smile of Destruction: Part 1

Kraakov NF-3000 Flying

Kraakov flying

During Dyna's final confrontation with Gransphire, Kraakov NF-3000 was armed with the Neo-Maxima Cannon where it fired the laser after Dyna cleared the path to allow it to target Gransphire. Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow...


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