Human Host/Form: Toki Goh
Height: 2 m
Weight: TBA
Place of Origin: Supernova
Transformation Item: Will Power
Type: Hero
Voice actor(s): Onishi Tetsuya
Suit actor(s): Nikamoto Tatsumi
First Appearance: Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon Episode 1
Last Appearance: Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon Episode 52
Race: Unknown
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Koseidon Corps

Koseidon (コセイドン Koseidon) is the name of the the Time Traveller Space Ship, from the series Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon toku series, produced by Tsuburaya Productions. A man named Go, had the ability of transforming into Time Knight to fight dinosaurs that are controlled by an alien force God Mess (Godomezu). The series lasted 50 episodes.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon

Powers & Weapons

  • Time Control: Kosaider is capable of stopping time for 30 seconds.
  • Sword Ability: Kosaider fights using a sword.


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