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Time Warrior Koseider is a man named Toki Go who had the ability to transform to fight dinosaurs. He fought against the army controlled by Alien Godmes in Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon




Koseider (Red Belt)

Koseider (Silver Belt)

  • Koseidon (コセイドン): This is the Time Traveller Space Ship that Koseider uses.
  • Laser Sword: Gained when he became a Time Warrior, it was later modified by the Cosmo Secretary to have a number of abilities
    • Fire Rays:
    • Anti-Laser:
  • Plasma Beam Gun: A ray gun carried on his waist. Has not been used since Toki Go became a Time Warrior.
  • 'A' Bomb: A bomb, which upon explosion, solidifies into a substance and dries. Requires the use of solar energy.
Powers and Weapons
  • Beam Attack: Forms discs of energy in both hands and fires them at the enemy. Can wipe out a squad of Godmes soldiers.
  • Time Control: Koseider is capable of stopping time for 30 seconds.
  • Sword Ability: Koseider is skilled in the use of his laser sword.
    • Jumonji Slash: A finisher move using his laser sword.
    • Lively Sword: A slash while the laser sword shines brightly.
    • Saber Cross: Koseider holds his sword vertically and puts his left arm across it, to produce light.
  • Cross Attack: Koseider wraps his body in a red aura while flying through the air, and slams into his opponent. Is powerful enough to even take down a giant monster.
  • Plasma Kick: A flight kick technique that leaves an after image.
  • Koseider Vacuum Throw: A technique to throw an enemy and have them slam into the ground.
  • Miracle Kick: A kick that involves him twisting his body. Used to kick a soccer ball sized bomb away.
  • Volcano Calming Ray (Name unknown): A ray from the laser sword that calmed an erupting volcano.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon



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