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Time Warrior Koseider is a man named Toki Go who had the ability to transform to fight dinosaurs. He fought against the army controlled by Alien Godmes in Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon



  • Koseidon (コセイドン): This is the Time Traveller Space Ship that Koseider uses.
  • Laser Sword: Gained when he became a Time Warrior, it was later modified by the Cosmo Secretary to have a number of abilities
    • Fire Rays:
    • Anti-Laser:
  • Plasma Beam Gun: A ray gun carried on his waist. Has not been used since Toki Go became a Time Warrior.
  • 'A' Bomb: A bomb, which upon explosion, solidifies into a substance and dries. Requires the use of solar energy.
Powers and Weapons
  • Beam Attack: Forms discs of energy in both hands and fires them at the enemy. Can wipe out a squad of Godmes soldiers.
  • Time Control: Koseider is capable of stopping time for 30 seconds.
  • Sword Ability: Koseider is skilled in the use of his laser sword.
    • Jumonji Slash: A finisher move using his laser sword.
    • Lively Sword: A slash while the laser sword shines brightly.
    • Saber Cross: Koseider holds his sword vertically and puts his left arm across it, to produce light.
  • Cross Attack: Koseider wraps his body in a red aura while flying through the air, and slams into his opponent. Is powerful enough to even take down a giant monster.
  • Plasma Kick: A flight kick technique that leaves an after image.
  • Koseider Vacuum Throw: A technique to throw an enemy and have them slam into the ground.
  • Miracle Kick: A kick that involves him twisting his body. Used to kick a soccer ball sized bomb away.
  • Volcano Calming Ray (Name unknown): A ray from the laser sword that calmed an erupting volcano.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon



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