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Kojiro Inaba (稲葉イナバ 虎二郎コジロー Inaba Kojirō) is the leader of the mechanics in STORAGE.


Kojiro is a quiet man who gives off an old-fashioned Showa atmosphere and sometimes displays an unexpected skill, but his past is shrouded in mystery. His nickname is Mr. Bako (バコさん Bako-san) and the members of the maintenance crew trust him deeply.[1][2]


Ultraman Z

Kojiro Inaba took his day off from STORAGE to meet his biologist daughter, Ruri, for the first time in three years. The father-daughter duo took a tour in the STORAGE headquarters, but Bako becomes increasingly distanced from Ruri. While returning to her lab, they discovered that her researchers are part of a terrorist group trying to capture M1. In the same time, M1 was exposed to the generator box and rapidly grew to giant size.

Bako volunteered himself for the job by using King Joe as a platform to launch the shrink serum through his bazooka into M1. Bako explained to Haruki and Yoko that his participation in building the SAA units is to ensure that they would be used to save lives. To Care and What Lies Beyond


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  • Age: 59