Koji Hara (原孝司 Hara Kōji) is one of the minor characters in Ultraman Geed. He is the grandfather of Eri.


Ultraman Geed

Koji's only appear episode 2, where he joined Eri, Haruo and Ryoko in a camp after the three of them witnessed Ultraman Geed's battle with Skull Gomora. However, Koji and his family was kicked by the other refugees in the camp due to Eri's pyrokinesis power is revealed to others when she tried to light up a fire. Koji and his family later went to a warehouse to protect Eri from Skull Goroma. He was seen protecting Eri when she accidentally set up a fire. Koji later went to search for Eri with Ryoko and Haruo when she was kidnapped by an Alien Dada. Koji later reunited with Eri after she was saved by Riku and Laiha. Koji later witnessed the second battle between Geed and Skull Gomora. After Eri's Little Star was handled over to Geed, Koji and his family can now leave peacefully without any monster threats.

Koji is briefly seen in episode 5 with his family in a video clip and was mentioned by REM when she is discussng with Pega, Laiha and Riku to issue of Little Stars.

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