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Kodalar (コダラー Kodarā) is a Kaiju that appeared in the series Ultraman: Towards the Future. He appeared in episodes 12 and 13, the two-part series finale. Along with his companion Kilazee, Kodalar was called upon by the very Earth itself, which sought to rid itself of humankind to restore the natural environment.

Subtitle: Legendary Deep-Sea Monster (伝説深海怪獣 Densetsu Shinkai Kaijū)


Ultraman: Towards the Future

Kodalar at sea.

Awakened by the environmental damage of toxic algae that was killing off fish, the planet Earth sent Kodalar to take revenge against the humans. First sighted after destroying a few tankers with his lasers, UMA tried to attack the monster, but its weapons did nothing to faze the monster and Kodalar escaped. Later that night, Kodalar returned and attacked a harbor. Again UMA tried to fight back, but Kodalar's body fat and energy attacks made UMA's efforts futile. Ultraman Great then arrived to battle the monster, but again things looked bleak as Kodalar's body fat allowed him to absorb every blow by Great. Shockingly, Kodalar defeated the Ultra by reflecting the Burning Plasma attack back at him, seemingly killing the Ultraman as Kodalar retreated back to the sea.

The next day Kodalar resumed his attack on the harbor, but stopped when he learned of his companion's arrival. Heading to the Australian Mountains, Kodalar accompanied his companion Kilazee, and together both monsters waged war on humanity, with UMA as the opposition. Ultraman Great returned, but the odds were against him, as this time he was fighting two monsters (one of which had already defeated him.) With the continued assistance of UMA, Kodalar was distracted by one of their weapons blasting at him, he used his body fat to bounce the attack back at the weapon. The attack kept bouncing between the two opponents, until the attack overcharged beyond the monster's control and Kodalar was destroyed.


  • For all of Kodalar's swimming scenes, a puppet of the kaiju was used to avoid having to place the suit actors in a water tub.
  • Of all the monsters that appeared in the series, Kodalar is the only monster to defeat Ultraman Great.
  • In one low-budget scene during his final battle with Ultraman Great, the set of spikes on Kodalar's back detach themselves from the suit.


  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 94,000 t
  • Origin: Sea floor
Powers and Weapons
  • Eye Lasers: Kodalar can fire green laser blasts from his eyes, they are highly explosive.
  • Hand Blast: Kodalar can fire green energy darts from his backhand, medium in strength.
  • Body Fat: Kodalar's body fat can act as a shield, allowing him to reflect projectile attacks back at his opponent. His body can also absorb weaker projectile attacks.
  • Adept Swimmer: Kodalar is an adept swimmer.


The Bandai Ultraman Great line is much rarer than their Dreamworks cousins. Kodalar was only released by Bandai Japan.


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