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Kisara (キサラ), commonly known as Queen Kisara, is one of the minor characters in Ultraman Ginga S. She is the queen and a priestess of the Victorian civilization and mother of Sho and step mother of Repi and Sakuya.


Ultraman Ginga S

Queen Kisara, the queen of the Victorian people sent her son, Sho on a request to retrieve the stolen Victorium crystal by giving him the ancient item the Victory Lancer allowed him to transform into the victorian protector, Ultraman Victory

Kisara was shown to be a pacifist person, desiring to make peace with humans as shown giving Sho some advice on how he should communicate with the humans, and how he should trust them. Besides that, she was able to stop the both Ultraman Ginga and Victory from fighting.

Powers and Weapons

  • Mental Abilities: As a Victorian, Kisara has mastered the use of mental abilities.
    • Shepherdon: Like all Victorians, Kisara is linked to the sacred beast who acts as the protector of her people.
    • Memory transfer: The queen has shown the ability to transfer memories, when doing so images appeared.
    • Telepathy: Queen Kisara was shown able to induce a telepathic message, as seen when stopping both Ultras, Ginga and Victory, from fighting each other.
    • Shockwave: Similar to the blow others, like her son, use in battle, Kisara can generate a shockwave. This attack is used simply by opening her palm and can defeated Chiburoids and Lived aliens in one blow. This implies that her physical abilities/martial mastery, is much higher than that of the others.