"Just a bit more, Taiga. Your dreams will turn into nightmares...my goal will be fulfilled when that time comes."

―Kirisaki, Ultraman Taiga episode 12, Even Then the Universe Will Still Go on Dreaming

Kirisaki (霧崎きりさき) is the main antagonist of Ultraman Taiga. He is the human identity of Ultraman Tregear.


Ultraman Taiga

After Ultraman Tregear defeated the New Generation Ultras and the Tri Squad 12 years ago, he came to Earth to find Taiga, taking on the form of Kirisaki to blend in with humanity.

Kirisaki walking with a shadow of his Ultra Form

Kirisaki meddles with the rest of the cast and is behind several Kaiju attacks, either by compelling them to attack or outright summoning and/or creating them.

Kirisaki provoked Volk and his gang into stealing Alien Zetton Zolin's monster bomb for their own use, and got into a one-sided fight with Homare Soya. Homare was no match for Kirisaki, who swiftly defeated him after messing with him. Requiem of the Wolves

Kirisaki hires Alien Gapiya Abel to get rid of the Tri-Squad. Upon meeting Abel,

Kirisaki, after battling with Taiga Photon-Earth

he is surprised that he knows that "Kirisaki" was a disguise, and transforms into Ultraman Tregear, which shocks Abel. When Taiga fought against Abel, Kirisaki was watching as Taiga used the Segmeger Ring, saying it was good that he didn't question the powers he was using. The Flying Saucer Is Not Coming

After fighting Taiga Photon-Earth as Ultraman Tregear, he draws a tarot card from a deck he was shuffling earlier, revealing the Fool. Defeat the Demon

Secretly, Kirisaki had been allowing Taiga to collect and use the Kaiju Rings, which slowly corrupted his soul. As the darkness floods him, Taiga becomes more reckless in battle, as seen during his battles against Gigadelos and Skull Gomora. The Power to Protect and the Power to Fight When enough darkness had accumulated within Taiga, Tregear took the chance to corrupt him, shutting out Hiroyuki, Titas and Fuma in the process. Taiga becomes an unresponsive puppet which Tregear claims as his own partner, all just to spite Taro. I Can't Hear Your Voice

Kirisaki descends further into madness after his loss

Hiroyuki sees Taiga in the darkness after he is knocked out by Kirisaki. Tregear suddenly appears and convinces Taiga to go further down the path of darkness, leading him to expel Hiroyuki from within himself. When Titas and Fuma tried to save him, Kirisaki summoned Hellberus and Night Fang from their Kaiju Rings to stop them, but Hiroyuki manages to get through and save Taiga, granting him his new form Tri-Strium. Enraged at the failure of his plan, Kirisaki transforms into Tregear to fight Taiga, but disappears after being hit by the Tri-Strium Burst. Descending into a fit of madness, he develops a hatred towards Hiroyuki and starts targeting him directly. To make him fall deeper into despair, he also goes after his friends at EGIS. We Are One

Kirisaki revealing his final plan

Kirisaki infiltrates the EGIS base and launches a mental attack on Pirika Asahikawa. He somehow sees a meteor-like monster flying through space by reading her mind, and sets out to bring it to Earth. Withstand the Lightning Strike! Tregear awakens the soul of the planet, Ether, by using the drill on Alien Ghose' ship. This caused the Earth to give off a signal that brought the monster towards it. Friend in Earth

Kirisaki, feeling amused with the arrival of Woola

Kirisaki revels in the destruction brought forth by Woola, where he admits to Pirika that he wanted both the light and darkness to be destroyed. Kirisaki attempts to convince Pirika that her sacrifice is fate, however, Pirika expresses her determination in saving the Earth and her friends from EGIS. Kirisaki summons Galactron MK2 as bait for Woola to emerge into the surface, who easily defeated Taiga as Tri-Strium and reverting the Ultra into Hiroyuki. I'm Pirika

Seeing how the Earthlings cheered for Taiga, Kirisaki transforms into Tregear to interfere and fights against the Tri-Squad, obstructing them and their last window of pulling the plan off. Woola tried to help the Tri-Squad after recognizing them as allies, but easily gets shoved aside by Tregear. Tregear makes the mistake of firing a dark energy sphere at Taiga, which he redirects to Woola using the Taiga Wide Shot. Woola eats both attacks and its body is destroyed, while its core floats upwards and dissipates into a glittering light that spreads across the Earth, simultaneously redeeming and ending the once world-threatening Kaiju. Taiga attempts to convince Tregear to return to the path of light, but he finds those claims rubbish and attacks Taiga, forcing him to fight back. Taiga changes to Tri-Strium, which reminds Tregear of Taro. Taiga, Titas, Fuma and Hiroyuki put their powers together to fire the Quattro Squad Blaster. Tregear makes no attempt to defend himself and laughs maniacally as he is defeated. Buddy, Steady, Go!

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax



Kirisaki presses the button at the top of the Tregear Eye to open it up, changing its design from Tregear's chest to his mask. He holds the device near his face and presses the button at the bottom, which causes the Tregear Eye to release a dark aura while his eyes shine a red light. Kirisaki then morphs into Ultraman Tregear and grows to giant size if he chooses to. Alternatively, he can also transform without the use of the Tregear Eye.

Powers and Weapons

  • Monster Summoning: Simply by calling their name, Kirisaki is able to summon monsters through a purple vortex in the sky.
  • Mental Corruption: Kirisaki is able to influence the mental state of other beings to cause them to rampage, an example being King Guesra.
  • Ultra Psychokinesis: Kirisaki demonstrates the ability to manipulate objects with his mind, to an extent. He was able to pop a balloon from meters away with just a swift blow of his mouth.
  • Hand Lightning: Kirisaki is able to fire a powerful electrical blast of energy from his fingers that can wound, stun or kill victims. He can also use it to disrupt the function of devices.
  • Teleportation: Kirisaki can teleport through a purple mist.
  • Kaiju Restoration: Kirisaki can summon a Kaiju from its respective Ring.

Collectibles in Possession

Ring Type Ultra Taiga Accessories


Ultraman Taiga

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax



  • Kirisaki's shirt being white on the right side and black on the other reflects Tregear's amoral view of light and darkness. Additionally, along with its two-tone color, the bottom of the shirt has triangle-like cuts making it as if he were wearing a jester's uniform.


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